Video Interview with Nick Baker: Xbox 360 Architecture

Channel9's "Going Deep" show interviewed hardware engineer director Nick Baker about the high-balanced, high game centric, Xbox 360 Architecture. Nick takes us through the design history and some of the implementation details of the XBox 360. What were some of the design trade-offs? How different is the XBox 360 that you can buy today from what you, Nick and his team were initially thinking?

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Imknow14749d ago

Now I know who to send my red-ringed of death 360 to(if it happens). :D

Silver3604749d ago

They took into consideration price. They were thinking about a six core unit then brought it down to 3 because of end user cost. I guess they didn't want us to work extra overtime to be able to afford the console.

magqcc74749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

5 threads for the 360,10 threads for the cell.

Xi4748d ago

did you hear that? Hyperthreading?