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TPG writes: "There's just something inherently cool about pirates, isn't there? Whether it's the fact they're outlaws, sailing the seas and taking what they want, or the fact they can have peg legs, hooks for hands and have a parrot on their shoulder, it's obvious to all that being a pirate is just damn cool. Pirate Waters comes to your iPhone and iPod Touch to give you a taste of the pirate life and blast your scurvy foes out of the water.

Pirate Waters is a new offering from Bootant, creators of Crazy Choppers and Crazy Tanks. Utilizing the same tilt-to-move mechanics that they used in those two games, Pirate Waters could be looked at as merely a clone of those games with a new skin on it. Irrespective of how you look at it, what can't be denied is that Pirate Waters is simply a fun game to play."

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bgrundman3274d ago

What? A pirate game with no Ninjas? that should be illegal.

roblef3274d ago

I could not agree more... it should be court mandated!

bgrundman3274d ago

Sorry, games with tilt controls give me too much trouble. I must be just naturally uncoordinated.

roblef3274d ago

Well for some it is a matter of even having inner ear problems that can lead to balance issues. You may want to have that looked at.

wondroushippo3274d ago

I think it's a developer thing - some games handle them brilliantly, others don't due to calibration mechanisms.