Kombo: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

Kombo writes: "When it comes to the world of simulation racing, the Gran Turismo name rules. The originator of the simulation racing genre as we know it still owns the hearts and minds of die-hard racing sim fans and casual gearheads alike, and despite a few lackluster outings of late, it's going to take a powerful challenger to usurp the brand's position. Enter Forza Motorsport."

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JOLLY13327d ago

It looks like Kombo really liked it.

i3eyond the Circle3327d ago


Borderlands and Magna Carta 2!

Recently played Forza3 and GTA Ballad of GT

Loving them.

Ballad is something serious. If your a GTA fan pick it up it's hilarious and fun.

level 3603326d ago

I just want to say why doesn't the Bugatti Veyron's rear spoiler automatically go up when you reach a certain speed in the game?, because it does that in real life, unless you switch-off the default mode just like what Jeremy Clarkson did with the Bugatti vs. airplane race on their TopGear series...

kevin360uk3326d ago

As much as i love Forza and other motorsport games, Forza 3, in my eyes is not a perfect 10/10. When you look deep down into the gameplay, its essentially the same formula as Forza 2, though not a bad thing, it just doesnt feel that different. Multiplayer is great though, great freedom to do any type of race you want.
I prefer Race Pro's more realistic physics to Forzas