Are Developers Using Additional Content To Toy With Gamers?

The Don @ writes:

"During our latest Vice Weekly Podcast we covered a segment about how 360 gamers spoke up and voiced their displeasure of getting an earlier version of Tales of Vesperia after seeing that the PS3 version is sporting a vastly superior upgrade to the 360 version (check the 99 minute mark on Vice Weekly). At a glance, I would say they have a right to be angered but after looking further into the scenario, I'd say the difference sounds about right."

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ifhd3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

yes.they need the money. and to put it on ps3 they need to upgrade it.

You Already Know3278d ago

what about games that get shafted on the PS3?...

WMW3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

well ps3 owners did get shafted for about 2 years and still even now with crappy ports and the 360 gets lots of timed exclusives and 360 fanboys had no problem with it so i think they should shut up and deal with it now that it is happening to them. 360 fanboys now want to talk about how unfair things are its no different then a kid not wanting to play a game when he starts losing. adding the extra content makes up for the fact devs are selling a year old game for full price so it makes sense to give a reason for people to buy it for full price.

3sq3278d ago

1 year old game is not gonna sell if they don't add anything new, especially if full price.