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GrE writes, "A new Dead Space game? Already? After a year that saw the publication of such outstanding original IPs as Spore, Mirrors Edge, and Dead Space, Electronic Arts looked to be moving in a positive direction towards new content, the polar opposite of rival publisher, Activision. Just when we thought the days of squatting out yearly sequels were behind them, EA showed their true colors once again. Upon the announcement of Dead Space making its way to the Nintendo Wii, fans became frothy with glee, envisioning a Wii port of what was easily the biggest surprise of last year. Resident Evil 4 fueled antics and a unique Wii control scheme were dancing through the heads of reviewers, like sugar plumbs through the dreams of kindergartners on Christmas Eve. Much to the dismay of the excited masses, the game was revealed to forgo the port treatment, instead favoring an on-rails shooter, acting as a prequel to the events that haunted the slumber of every man, woman, and child that played the original. The real question is: did EA's risk pay off, or are we looking at another mature Wii title that is dead on arrival?..."

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roblef3369d ago

Gosh DARN that looks like a sweet sweet game. So cool!

Sp1deyluvr3369d ago

Another game I'll be losing my hubby to...

Perjoss3369d ago

its no big loss, real men play on a HD console.

ChickeyCantor3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

You hear that ladies who own a HD system? You are officially a man.

yippiechicken3369d ago

I enjoyed this game way more than I thought I would.

And Perjoss, that was pretty funny! You were trying to be funny, weren't you?

Perjoss3368d ago

ofcourse, nothing I say should be taken seriously

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bgrundman3369d ago

I really enjoyed the hell out of this game but it made my Wii freeze several times.

roblef3369d ago

So excited that this is as good as I'd hoped. Maybe even better!

wondroushippo3369d ago

This might actually be a reason to bust the Wii out of storage. It's so lonely.

wondroushippo3369d ago

For a game that on the surface seems like a cheap Wii cash-in, I'm surprised at the critical reception on this one. Bravo, EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.