November Guitar Hero 5 DLC detailed

GrE writes, "Activision has today revealed the exact list of DLC coming to Guitar Hero 5 this November. How thoughtful is that? In November, we can all look forward to getting some more free song packs, and even the option to import songs from Band Hero to Guitar Hero 5 or vice versa. We also see some more good news for Wii rockers out there- the addition of the Death Magnetic album to the Wii store. Here is the concise list of all forthcoming DLC..."

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bgrundman3276d ago

I still don't think they are going to be able to keep up with Rock Band.

wondroushippo3276d ago

No way. They've always lagged behind Rock Band in every department and are perpetually trying to play keep-up

Klopek3276d ago

True but you've got to admit they're surprisingly generous with their free tracks.

bgrundman3276d ago

At least Death Magnetic is finally coming to the Wii

wondroushippo3276d ago

The new Metallica album. Well, it was new a year ago. But it launched day and date as DLC with the album release last year.

roblef3276d ago

Yeah, this is an area that GH does NOT excel in.

Sp1deyluvr3276d ago

Such a good game. Good songs too!

3276d ago