Can We Stop Saying Hardcore and Casual?

Sarah of Gamervision writes:
"I'm a pretty avid gamer, I would say. I have been playing video games for the vast majority of my life. I own over a dozen systems and hundreds of games. I enjoy titles from just about every genre, excluding sports (unless you count Hot Shots Golf, I'll play that all day long). I've been to E3, PAX, and a handful of other conventions. Oh yeah, and I work for a video game website. Despite all of these things some might use on a checklist to determine gamer cred, I never refer to myself as "hardcore". Why? Because I really hate that term."

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ChickeyCantor3276d ago

"As gamers, it’s already hard enough having to deal with the uninformed media painting us as heartless killers, or socially inept nerds living in our parents’ basements. We don’t need to label each other meaningless things just to feel better about ourselves. It’s pointless, and the terms “hardcore” and “casual” are becoming more obsolete every day. They mean different things to everyone, and the fact that you enjoy different games than someone else doesn’t make you a better gamer. So please, once and for all, can we just cut out the hardcore vs. casual gamer nonsense?"

F*cking ace

n4f3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

somebody need to tell this to the new kids that start gaming this generation and last gen please, it will solve half of the problem. if they are not happy use this(image)
and also need to silence the media, cause more than 80% of all the b/s and flamebaits and all that came from them

cheapndirty3275d ago

That used to be all that was needed.