Oh no MMOs

Mother tells how she lost her son to suicide, blames Everquest. Should you be worried?

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Eclipticus4578d ago

people need to stop blaming videogames and start being acountable.
Everyone is looking for a scapegoat.
maybe she should of taken an interest in her sons life.
maybe someone should of talked and listened to the kids in columbine,
the kid from VT
maybe parents need to stop relying on the media as a baby sitter.
and stop relying on the government as the responsible adult figure.
maybe someone needs to talk sense into Jack Thompson, cause he will go after this. and try to sue whoever he can

rbanke4578d ago

People are allways blaming things. It has nothing to do with what someone is in to (music, games, acting like a goth or whatever, smoking pot, cars, etc, etc, etc) its how that person chooses to deal with any problems they allready had. The problems are to blame, not the outlet that gives someone a feeling of relief from those problems.

warfed4578d ago

they call it Evercrack for a reason...

nosmok4578d ago

Anyone loot the corpse?

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