Games that can make for awesome movies

GB writes: "As everyone knows that hardcore gamers don't only play video games, they live them. According to many of them, video games are better than movies and for about $60 they get tons of fun and an awesome 12-15 hour action packed adventure. Some even imagine if those games can ever hit the silver screen. Well we at GamingBolt think the same too. So here is our wish list for the video games we would love too see on the big screen."

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TheGrimBunny3279d ago

Gears of War would be an awesome movie as well as Assassin's Creed.

darthv723279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

The only problem with game to movie ideas is the time restrictions most studios impose on the finished product. Most games would make great movies if they were given equal theatrical time on screen. You can't flesh out a 8+ hour game into a 2 hour movie.

At best, games like gears, halo, uncharted and whatnot are more suited towards serials instead of a single movie that tries to take the experience and squeeze it into 2 hours. Some games that had a good idea for a movie but the finished product tanked were Doom, Wing Commander, Alone in the dark, resident evil...

That isnt to say that movies based on games wont work. The studios behind the movies tend not to understand the game in the first place. Take a studio responsible for making the game and have them make the movie would seem like a better approach. Sony seems in the right position to accomplish that.

gameseveryday3279d ago

A Modern Warfare movie could be awesome provided it doesn't have the cliff hanger ending just like the game.

Assassin Nawabi3279d ago

gears of war would have an awesome movie, splinter cell should've been mentioned too.

gameseveryday3279d ago

I guess Splinter Cell could be a huge huge movie if it could be made. Is there a rumor abt it? m not too sure!

Assassin Nawabi3279d ago

yep there were some rumors...hope they are true

gameseveryday3279d ago

can you link me to them please? M a big fan of splinter cell games

Galardo3279d ago

I really hope gears of war is a good movie!

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The story is too old to be commented.