Elena's Character model is not up to Uncharted 2 standards Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is so much perfect! And such minor let downs shouldn't be there.

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Greywulf3277d ago

opinion...without any proof, or pictures of UC1...

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Bzone243277d ago

you just discribed 80% of the articles posted to this site.

biloz3277d ago

If u played Uncharted 2...u can use ur eyes as a proof ;)

gaffyh3277d ago

I actually think Chloe's character model is messed up. Why didn't they just model the people doing the voice acting.

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CaptainKratos3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

spoiler ALERT!!!! Jmare , i hate gamers like that.

The_Nameless_One3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

"Why didn't they just model the people doing the voice acting?"

Because there is copy rights issues when you use a person's face. The makers of this game wanted (as they should have) complete control over those characters. If they would have used the actors faces then they [Naughty Dog] would have to ask permission from the actors, or if the actors didn't like how their characters behaved (or anything else for that matter) then Sony and Naughty Dog would have had to comply and change the game's story accordingly.

P.S - I do agree that this "article" is nothing more then an opinion of some one with access to a web site. This was poorly researched indeed.

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karan86243277d ago

1. Its looks fine. I dont know what the hell this guy is talking about, did he even PLAY the first game? The character model is SOOOO much more detailed. You can really tell this in the close up scenes
2. HeroicJanitor, I feel for you, I have had crap spoiled for me in comments and forums because somebody wrote it and I read it before I even realized what was going on. But dont worry, its not even that huge of a thing. Once Elena gets back in the game, it becomes obvious who he is going to choose. There are bigger twists and plot points nobody spoiled yet

blind-reaper3277d ago

@1.1 thanks for the spoil...

electricshadow3277d ago

That made me LOL so much. Bubbles for you. I have the platinum for it so there was no spoilers for me. Just the way you typed it. HA. XD

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LarVanian3277d ago

Funny comment, didn't bother me since I also have the platinum. But because of it there is a possibility you'll get suspended since you basically blurted out almost all the shocking moments of the game lol.

erathaol3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Elena did make a joke about being last year's model.

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Cernunnos3277d ago

Leyego that was damn unneccesary for those who havn't played it...


ThanatosDMC3277d ago

If you dont want anything spoiled, dont read anything related about U2 or any games you dont want spoiled.

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nycredude3277d ago Show
mal_tez923277d ago

If there was any real problems, I'd say Chloe's eyes sparkled too much, Nates eyes were a tiny bit too far apart and that we never got to see any good close ups of Chloe's as... I mean that's it.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3277d ago

What?! I thought her model looked great! Especially her hair.

jmare3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

How is what I said a spoiler? I'm sorry, did you not gain your common sense trophy? Half way through the game you can tell what's going to happen. Remember, the game is based off of the summer blockbuster formula. Idiots.

EDIT: Below: If you read the article, then what I wrote isn't a spoiler. I was talking about the same thing. And how is that a spoiler? I don't get it. Knowing who ends up with who isn't a spoiler. A spoiler is telling who lives or dies or how the game ends. The fact that Nate ends up with one girl or another or none at all isn't a spoiler. You people need to chill the fvck out. I didn't tell any of the jokes or spoil the scenario that leads up to the ending. Man up.

heroicjanitor3277d ago

The main thing was the huge spoiler in the article about chloe, but you shouldn't have said what you said even if you think we could predict it if we played it.

ultimolu3277d ago

...I'm at lost of words. Now we're attacking the character models?!

sikbeta3277d ago

Always is something to complaint about...

Yeah this article is right, they must put a big macho like Marcus Fenix instead of Elena... lol

Sevir043277d ago

Elena looked hot as always, but chloe, while Claudia black did a good job voicing her, Chloe simply didn't look hot to me... her jaw line was just too much for me.. LOL!!! i Love Elena, and that little love triangle was hilarious,

"Oh, OHHHH, Casinova arent you?" i loved that part of the game. had me rolling

Raptor3276d ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Spoiler Warning)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just kidding.

Personally I find Elena physically unattractive.

(Blond hair = meh)
(Pale = meh)
(Pony tail = gross)
(Really annoying Maine accent = 0/10)

I like her personality more though, and I really tried to like her throughout the game. She helps Nate and is very sweet <3

Chloe on the other hand, 10/10

(Black shiny hair = sexy)
(Tanned skin = hawt)
(Hair down = nice choice)
(Exotic accent = awesome bro)


Well done my friends.
A goddess is born.

ico923276d ago

i think the character model looks amazing

Sarcasm3276d ago

Definitely Elena > Chloe in both looks and personality. I think they tried to make Chloe look exotic but her face didn't come out all that beautiful. But I do like her accent.

thesummerofgeorge3276d ago

Hate to break it to you but revealing who ends up with whom is a spoiler, and I don't see how you figure it's not. In a story arc there's the inside (emotional) story, and the outside (action) story, they both have an arc and intertwine, you giving away the conclusion to the romantic story arc is indeed a spoiler, anything that you wouldn't have known before playing the game is a potential spoiler, and who ends up with whom is a big one. I didn't see the original message, but if you gave that information away it's as much a spoiler as saying who did or didn't die.

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topgun333277d ago

Well, when Elena meets Chloe for the first time, she plays on with the words " I am last years model". Personally I would have chosen Chloe too.

jc485733277d ago

because she prettier to me. Chloe too much make up and kinda ugly, and nothing but ass.

LONEWOLF2313277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Yeah, Elena all the way!
Chloes face seems more on the masculine side.