PlayStation LifeStyle - Headshots & Friendly Fire: Round 6

PlayStation LifeStyle writes,

"The gaming industry has gotten bigger and better with each passing year, but sometimes they just don't do things right. Whether it's game play, story, pricing, or business practice, sometimes the industry needs a little friendly fire from the gamers to keep it in line."

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decimalator4413d ago

Interesting. Not sure I agree about the location based audio. Of course, I always play with subtitles on. Location based audio is even more awesome with a good 7.1 system, you can hear soldiers bad mouthing you literally behind your back.

DoucheVader4413d ago

Perhaps instead of gimping the feature, which can cause the player to miss important plot information, developers can allow for additional subtitle options which only allow for important information to be subtitled. Or they could elaborate the objectives better other ways.

Mc1874412d ago

I like the location based audio might I suggest paying attention i.e. looking at the NPC who is giving you this IMPORTANT info maybe.