Modern Warfare 2 Spoiler: Intro unveiled title track from Hans Zimmer published the game intro from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in good quality. The vid includes the title track from Hans Zimmer.A long time ago Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has confirmed via Twitter, that Oscar winner Hans Zimmer is the composer of Modern Warfare 2's score.

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LinuxGuru3279d ago

He is a brilliant, wonderful composer. And to know that he is completely self-taught! Amazing.

RememberThe3573279d ago

His student of sorts, Atli Örvarsson(Babylon A.D. Soundtrack), is almost better. Those two are my favorite composers.

3279d ago
elorm93278d ago

Didn't he also compose some of the soundtracks for The Dark Knight(the movie)?

LinuxGuru3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

The official score for The Dark Knight was jointly composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

Oh, and it's "Zimmer", not "Zimmerman".