Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Or Demo Possible

One way to build up hype for a multiplayer shooter before release is to offer gamers a demo or beta version. Fans have been pestering DICE about whether Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will receive either and today they offered up a pretty vague answer on the official BF:BC2 blog.

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Blaster_Master3372d ago

How can the dude who wrote this article say that Jan and Feb are both slow months for gaming? This guy is obviously a retard who thinks he knows anything about gaming. I can name 10 AAA titles being released in that time frame. One of them being MAG. Im in the beta and Im bout to get on now. I do hope there is a beta for BC2 though.

sak5003372d ago

Hhaha u must be 13 or so if you are comparing BC2 to MAG. Battlefield series bought MP gaming to FPS like no other game before. 64 players servers, different classes, commander mode, voice etc. Did you look at soco sorry MAG? The original BF:1942 had better graphis back in 2002.

on topic... I hope it is open beta or atleast MP demo. The last beta of BC had me hiccuping since there were no servers in ME region.

Delta3372d ago

Maybe he's not a PC gamer. I didn't play the Battlefield series till BF2 (for Xbox 1). LOL BF2 is the game that got me playing online what with the 2 free month XBL subscriptions. (i miss tho's 2-free months)

EvilCackle3372d ago

"Normally" they're slow months, is what the article says. It varies based on how many holiday games get pushed back. This year, a lot of games were delayed so early 2010's gonna be huge.

EvilCackle3372d ago

Even the one-month passes to Xbox Live were nice. The 48-hour cards are just a straight up tease, though.

toaster3371d ago

Ahhh the good ol days. I still play BF:1942 and BF: Vietnam and there are still people filling up servers.

Now THAT"S longevity.

On topic: BF: BC2 will be mindblowing. To me anyways. I have always loved BF and always will. PLUS THEY HAVE DEDICATED SERVERS. I hope the demo/beta comes out soon because I need to fill in the void that was supposed to be MW2.

sak5003371d ago

Wow really. I loved BF:V and the 70s music specially got hooked onto "somebody to love". I still hv BF:V with me and i played it for over a year continously till somebody in teh game typed BF2 is released. Man those were the good old days of MPFPS gaming on the pc.

Blaster_Master3371d ago

I must be like 12? I wish I was that young again. BTW, you obviously have never played MAG. Comparing a game thats only 60 players and comparing it to a game that has 256 plays is something only a noob would do. Sure, it doesn't have the destructibility that the Bad Company series has now, but thats all thats missing.

So again, like I was saying. Jan, Feb are far from slow months in gaming. Here is a list of games coming out in these so called slow months.

Army of Two 2
Mass Effect
Aliens vs. Predator
Dante's Inferno
Bioshock 2
Splinter Cell
Lost Planet 2
Modnation Racers
Gran Turismo 5
White Knight Chronicles
Heavy Rain

And those are all AAA titles. Yeah so much for a slow Jan/Feb of gaming. You PC guys probably dont have much to play is all.

Nihilism3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

we pc gamers have me2, bioshock 2, battlefield 2, dark void, aliens vs predator also, next year is gonna be awesome, i'm sure dragon age will keep me entertained ffrom now until january easily

toaster3371d ago

Oh man... I can't even begin to list how many games PC will have. There was another article and you commented with a bunch of PC games and then I commented with a bunch more and now I can't remember what article that was but it was a hell of a lot of PC games. There's no shortage of PC games.

Nihilism3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I just discovered a gem of a game i hadn't even heard about until today, it's called 'torchlight', it's made by 2 of the guys that made diablo 1 and 2, it plays like a diablo 3 looks in the vids. Awesome hack and slash rpg. Very addictive, only 3 classes, a melee type, a ranged, and an alchemist ( summons steel golems and minions and is a spell caster), it only came out 2 days ago, but it's $20 on steam, they won't release a retail version till january, but i'm having a ball playing it.


haha that's awesome that you have it. I wonder how long it lasts because i've put a solid 4 hours into it today and i don't think i've made a dent.

On topic, battlefield 2 looks amazing, I can't wait to get it, i've purposely avoided the COD games as they look pretty meh, but this game looks like nothing else i've ever seen, i don't think the collectors edition is on pc though, but i hope it is

toaster3371d ago


I'm already playing it! AND I LOVE IT!!

I'm a lvl 13 Vanquisher and I have dual pistols that do 150 dps each!!
But that was only after a metric buttload of enchanting.

Blaster_Master3371d ago

There are still more and better games on consoles, not saying you pc guys dont have games to play. I was just stating we have alot more is all.

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mrv3213372d ago

They need a demo, let's face it loads of people are excited for MW2, so release a demo a day or two before MW2 launches, then 2 weeks before Bad Company 2 launches realese a new demo.

EvilCackle3372d ago

I don't know if they need two demos but yeah, at least one. The shooter market is ridiculously competitive, even if your game does have an established brand name like Battlefield.

keysy4203371d ago

peopel dont want to think of anything else but modern warfarethis way you get it in peoples hands.

DiffusionE3371d ago actually mean "heads" and not "hands", right?

Hockey113371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

hands makes sense.

TheDudeAbides3371d ago

i wanna play BC2 :))) everybady want to!

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