IncGamers: MMO News Wrap Up #8

Halloween is well and truly upon us, as almost any MMO gamer will know this week. Most of the in-game events have kicked off, so whether you've been killing headless horsemen, tackling demon pumpkins or hunting werewolves, I'm sure you've been enjoying the season.

But, as usual, there's a lot more than ghosts and ghouls been going on in the world of MMOs this week, as reflected in IncGamers' latest MMO Wrap-up, which updates gamers on the latest goings on in Star Trek Online, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Lord of the Rings Online, Runes of Magic and Champions Online.

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Maticus3278d ago

I'm just about sick of it all already actually lol. Return to normality ftw.

Redrudy3278d ago

I have to say, I agree. Xmas is much more my thing.

Fyzzu3278d ago

I can relate to this more than you know. Although I still haven't had a chance to kill the Horseman in WoW :(

Dorjan3278d ago

Chinese have it at last! :lol:

Leord3278d ago

Love space MMOs, and waiting eagerly for a good one :P

Panthers3278d ago

SWTOR is my most anticipated game. Hurry up Bioware.

3277d ago