Microsoft is not competing in the most efficient manner possible -- why?

Although Microsoft Corp. has much of the business world wrapped around at least some of its software, the largest software company in the world is mostly known for its consumer products. Names like Windows, Zune, Windows Mobile, Sidekick, and Xbox are household terms (well, in gadget households perhaps).

Still, with all those names, why hasn't Microsoft formed some kind of overall consumer ecosystem so that all these products fit, work, and play together seamlessly?

Good question.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3275d ago

I really think they should work togheter better! This is what Sony is doing and what Apple has done for a long a time.

Get with the program MS!!! You have done it in software, why not in hardware?

RedPawn3274d ago

I believe it's called efficient consistency, yeah we ALL wanna believe in their products, but they need to start truly studying their comp.


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bjornbear3274d ago

You've done a good job...i disagree. However if you mean in terms of success, i agree.

zeeshan3274d ago

I think M$ is a software company. They won't ever do well in HARDWARE business. Yesh, 360 worked well for them but not as much as they'd hoped for. The original Xbox sold 25 million. The current is just a little over 30 million right? They should stick to the software side, leave out the hardware and produce games for Sony, Nintendo etc. As for their operating systems and software, they should work on the quality of their software products as well. I haven't seen Windows 7 so far but have read good reviews. But, Vista should have been better. I mean, with all that experience, you'd think that M$ would know what we wanted by now! I am afraid the same will happen to their hardware side of the business. They just won't make it.

Saaking3274d ago

The ONLY reason MS was ahead was the price advantage. the only way the 360 can sell is if it's cheap and with that advantage lost, sales will start dwindling as the PS3 gains momentum.

sikbeta3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Microsoft think that everything they make is like Windows, but they forget that they Rule the OS world because they don't have any real competition, Aplle: meh, Linux: lol (even if I'm a linux user) and nobody think in M$ out of the OS world

They still think that can do everything and have the same "windows success", Is the "me too Bandwagon", but they are SO wrong, because you have to convince people not say:

"HI, look what I did, now buy It because is a Microsoft product"

Is like Nintendo making a new pokemon game and then Apple release a pokemon rip-off game and say:

-"HI, look at my game, now buy It because is an Apple game"
-Sorry, but this a pokemon rip-off game
-But, Is an Apple game
-What??? -_-

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takecontrol3274d ago

Just another Nineball2112 article. Nothing to see here.

StrboyM3274d ago

Thank god my Xperia can be upgraded to 6.5/7

I would filed a cost me 600 bucks.
feel sorry for those who have phones that cant be upgraded...ouch

dragonelite3274d ago

maybe the gamer consumer doesnt wants it. They already had done that with games for windows live i believe and that failed no one used it.
They already implemented the zune on the 360 with streaming.
And the pc.

ZedoMann3274d ago

I think nobody used Games for Windows Live because it was the worst gaming program ever. I never even got it to work, I guess you had to be in game to talk with/add friends anyway.

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