Altair will be in Assassins Creed 2

Looks like Altair will make an apperance in Assassins Creed 2 according to IMDb
IMDb lists Philip Shahbaz as being a voice in Assassins Creed 2.

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TheSmoothCriminal3274d ago

Probably for the start of the game.

toaster3274d ago

I don't know how this is possible because the era from Assassin's Creed was during the Crusades, and the era in Assassin's Creed 2 is Renaissance and that's about 200 years apart?(My history is a little rough)

Maybe the voice actor is narrator or talking during the tutorial.

karan86243274d ago

I dont think he will be in the actual "Game", as it takes place a long time after the Crusades. Maybe in some sort of flashback moments or tie ins

Ninji3274d ago

The trophy list pretty much spoiled it. I don't want Altair anywhere in the game though. The first AC is terrible and should have nothing to do with this one.

WildArmed3274d ago

I loved the ring of his name 'Al-ta-iireee'

thought it was badass.. even though the game wasnt that badass.

But i still loved the game.. until the point the love turned into hate and now i cant stand watching anyone play AC

Lightsaber3274d ago

Not sure I'd trust IMDb however I hope he is in the game. I wouldnt be surprise to see a hidden skin of him in the game like how he was in PoP. Wouldnt be surprise to see someone from pop in the game either. They did say you can buy upgrades for your outfit leaving it wide open for anyone

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lunaticpanda1013274d ago

Must we suffer from his monotone voice again?!

morganfell3274d ago

He's likely still the character in the animus but this time his ancestor (Ezio) who's memories he is recalling has accented English in the the applicable versions.

KidMakeshift3274d ago

I imagine it's another person being held captive and used for his DNA origins

Probably by the 3rd/4th game it will be set in the future with all the captives trying to flee the facility and stop the templars

Lionsguard3274d ago

THANKYOU! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was extremely irritated by his dreadful monotone AMERICAN voice. I just can't believe things like this get by quality control and game testers.

xLordOblivionx3274d ago

What is the point of capitalizing American? To point out that you hate the Americas? The fact that he is American has nothing to do with his voice acting skills. So buzz off and stop making irrational and ignorant statements based on one's home country. It has absolutely nothing to do with voice acting.

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galest3274d ago

It's call a flashback

Ninji3274d ago

The trophy list says otherwise (especially when the trophy is gold).

Lionsguard3274d ago

Technically the whole game is one giant flashback.

LONEWOLF2313274d ago

Yeah that might be it, perhaps narration within documentations that Ezio finds.

bokharij3274d ago

Altair's statue maybe they'll show a flash back or something.

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