Sony's Outlook Brightens

Sony has a raft of problems to fix. Its mobile phone joint venture with Sweden's Ericsson is struggling in the smartphone market. And while the profitability of its gaming and TV businesses are improving, they are expected to continue losing money for some time. Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer plans to discuss Sony's latest strategic plans at a press event in November.

Here's an excerpt of the Q&A part of today's press conference with Sony's CFO Nobuyuki Oneda:

Q: How are the PS3 cost reduction efforts coming along?

Oneda: The PS3 now costs about 70% less than it did when it first came out (in November 2006).

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Blaster_Master3273d ago

They will be in the black by the beginning of next year. I think they should have worried more about the cost of things before they released the ps3. It would have made sense for them to wait a year to cut cost for development which would have probably saved them a couple of billion in losses. Technology gets cheap quick. You have to understand the science of the market.