Six Unknown Horrors for Hallowe'en

Resolution Magazine compiles a list of six lesser known horror games for Hallowe'en gaming.

From the article: "It wouldn't do for us to be normal, and to recommend such irrefutable classics as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, System Shock 2, FEAR and suchlike. Heck no. We're a little more esoteric than that.

Fear comes from the unknown. But we're all familiar with those games. So here, fine readers, is a list of the lesser known games you should be getting your terrifying kicks from this Hallowe'en. They're brutal, frightening, disturbing… they're the Unknown Horrors of Hallowe'en 2009."

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monkey6023273d ago

Interesting list!

Nice to see one completely different to the load of others submitted over the last few days

monkey6023273d ago

Just played the Penumbra demoes and loved them. Will be getting these games!

D813272d ago

The second one is awesome.

foldedintoboats3272d ago

I love Pathologic, such a strange game. Their new game The Void is out now as well, also great.