The top ten greatest Tekken endings of all time When it comes to Tekken, let's not kid ourselves. While we revel at the opportunity to dish out a thorough beating to our cocky mates or pummel the less than competent A.I. in a fine display of joypad dexterity via a meticulously timed juggle combo, there's another reason we all love a game of Namco's veteran brawler – unlocking and viewing those utterly absurd ending FMV sequences.

In celebration of the launch of Tekken 6 this month, PSU decided to compile a top ten list of what we consider to be the best FMV endings in the series to date, from the epic, poignant, perverted to the downright hilarious.

Check out PSU's Top Ten after the link, along with a video of each ending for your viewing consumption (spoiler warning for those who haven't played the games and witnessed the endings for yourselves). Enjoy.

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hay3273d ago

Lee's ending should be number 2 if not 1.