SWTOR: Jedi Knight Unveiled

SWTOR fans all knew it was coming, but today finally saw the unveiling of the Jedi Knight class in BioWare's upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Jedi are, first and foremost, protectors of the galaxy. Through years of meditation and training, they hone their body and mind into harmony, making them a force to be reckoned with in battle.

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Maticus3276d ago

Well, as you said, we knew it WAS coming, but good to see it at last :)

Bit more info would be nice though.

JsonHenry3276d ago

I want to be a smuggler or bounty hunter, but it looks pretty cool for those that want to be a Jedi.

Redrudy3276d ago

That is that settled then.

Dorjan3276d ago

This class was a total surprise! I didn't think you would've been able to play one of these [/sarcasm]

Leord3276d ago

Well, I think the part that is newsworthy is WHAT they announced, not specifically that you'll be able to play the class.

Redrudy3276d ago

lightsabers too. Talk about outta left field.

Malfurion3276d ago

I did think everyone would be rolling these, but after seeing the others, perhaps with the exception of the trooper class lol, I'm not so sure now :)

Fyzzu3276d ago

Hey, don't diss the trooper. Those guys have to go to the academy for four years to learn how to die from a single blast, and to miss effectively.

Panthers3276d ago

The Trooper class is the most interesting to me. They will probably have an awesome story line since they are soldiers and will hopefully be fighting large battles with other troops.

I know I will be on the Sith side, so I hope the Sith get a trooper like class, although no 2 classes will mirror eachother in the game.

Fyzzu3276d ago

Not a surprise, but it's good to have it announced at last :)

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