Netflix, PS3 alliance cripples Xbox 360

Netflix Inc. this week allied with Sony Corp. to provide instant access to movie and TV content to Playstation 3 owners. The latest coup cripples Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 entertainment strategy in several attacks that level the war for the living room.

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3273d ago
betrayed gamer3273d ago

hows this game over for the 360? xbl still has netflix, and with the zune marketplace u can stream high def movies on your 360 or pc. not only that u can purchase them. all hey have to do now is add in a movie rental ability and they wont need netflix at all.if they add that to xbl then i believe that would justify the 50 a year better.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3273d ago

In what way that justifies the $50 a year? You still need to pay for the movie and on top of that, the fees of XBL while on the PS3 you just need to pay for the movies plus PSN already have a video store of their own where you can purchase or rent them.

Resume? GameOver for the X360. You're just paying for much less. Even if the XBL were free the PS3 still have the edge over everything:

more games, lower failure rate, free online, blu-ray player, built-in wifi and power supply, etc. There's no need for the X360 to be on the market anymore, unless you like Halo that much. But now they introduced Natal, that it is supposed to change gaming as we know it... That's their last card before they announce an early release of the X720 and let the X360 bite the dust. {speculation

WildArmed3273d ago

'The latest coup cripples Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 entertainment strategy in several attacks that level the war for the living room. '

basically Sony just took back the edge on being the entertainment center of the living room.
Bluray + Netflix + Games.
B4 they were pretty much at equal standing wid
360 having
now sony has

ThanatosDMC3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

There's some PSN movies that arent even out in the netflix. But now PS3 will have both. Also, PSN has movies in HD too that you could purchase a long time ago. Weird that 360 fans are touting about movies on the 360, huh?

Leathersoup3273d ago

This only matters in the U.S. Netflix doesn't exist anywhere else.

TheDudeAbides3273d ago

lol, don't post pro-360 comments man :) you'll get thumbed down immediately :D

rawd3273d ago

what the heck is a Zune

Christopher3273d ago

It does undermine Microsoft's goal of forcing digital distribution on the masses on their terms. As it is, the PS3 can handle digital distribution even better than the 360 now due to the built-in browser, but can now also provide True HD support with Blu-ray.

I think this is part of why Microsoft is trying to get people interested in the digital movie bundles they're working on. They're really trying to get people moving towards digital over hard media.

Honestly, I'll never be bought out with digital distribution for movies. Portability and general playability are key for me, and managing and ensuring there's something to play my digital movies on any TV just isn't happening for me. Perhaps in 10 to 20 years when we have storage systems designed to be read by all TVs that are also portable and allow for managing 200+ True HD movies or more.

RememberThe3573273d ago

"Cripples the 360" my ass. Was the PS3 "crippled" when it didn't have it. The playing feild is just more level then it was before. I hate this flame bait crap.

Strikepackage Bravo3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I wouldn't say it cripples 360, after all XB live's implementation of the Netflix program is still better. Im not sure we should be knocking MS since it was them who had the foresight to go after this, and the desire to offer more features to their customers in the first place.

This is yet one more area in which the 360 led the way. Why is PS3 always late to the new and great ideas, and even after they get them they are not as good as the Xbox version?

IdleLeeSiuLung3273d ago


This doesn't cripple Xbox in any way, because a competitor got the same feautre (albeit less convenient) a year later....

If anything it is added value to the PS3.

darthv723273d ago

wounded, yes but not crippled.

betrayed gamer3273d ago

wth i said if they incorperate a rental service with the cost of bbl like allow gold subscribers to rent movies for free or somethin damn wtf

Arnon3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Netflix on the Xbox 360 allows you to watch a movie or TV show or whatever with 7 other people over Xbox LIVE. Not to mention, you don't need a disc to use it. If anything, Netflix on the Xbox 360 is still the better option, although you have to spend $50/year.

Elvfam5113273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )


Really with other 7 people who cares i won't be surprise if Sony adds it into the Home theaters

This is a blow to the Xbox 360 because you have to pay Gold Live to have netflixs while Ps3 doesnt see the difference

TeaRunner3273d ago

good for you sony fans.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

360 keeps getting more and more crippled by the day :)

Honestly, I NEVER watch party movies on Netflix cus everyone is constantly talking and it ruins the movie. Most people don't like to talk during a movie, including me, so IMO the party movie thing is kind of dumb. I was super hyped for it at first but then I was like "Wait, this is pointless!" Not to mention none of my friends never want to watch Netflix.

I don't care either way if PS3 has the party feature or not.

nnotdead3273d ago

i have no idea if this will help Sony, but i did restart my Netflix account because of this.

sikbeta3273d ago

Can all of you focus in Netflix and PS3, wtf has to do xbox with Netflix and PS3, why you still care about that console anyway, now we have less time to lose and more to play and enjoy with our best choice XP

DSI3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I HATE NETFLIX, WHO NEEDS NETFLIX, NETFLIX SUCKS, um what, when, really yippee I love netflix, netflix is awesome. Wow we now have netflix, bluray. Blah, blah, blah.

Some of you people can be as wishy washy as a 13 year old little girl. Hate it when you don't have it love it when you do. Grow up people, the PS3 having Netflix is good, and it is not crippling MS in any way. Additionally, this article reads as if since netflix was added to XBL you have to pay 50 bucks. XBL is the same price now as it was before Netflix. So with that being said, being that only gold members can use it anyway, Netflix is also added to XBL for "No additional charge."

The crap in this article is simple a play of words. So go ahead you predictable creatures of habbit, take another one of my bubbles, click the disagree button. Prevent me from being able to debate with you so that you can win every argument. Imagine how scary life must be for you not being able to take talking bubbles from the guy next to you at work, or sitting next to you in class. You know who I'm talking about don't you?

The guy that would beat your punk ass if you disrespected him in person the way you do when hiding behind you monitor. (BTW, that last part was aimed at those that it fits, yeah you, the one hitting the disagree button without giving the debate any

@FanboysSuk (below)

That was hilarious. Thanks, finally someone with a sense of humor..haha You're probably loose a bubble for not

Sarcasm3272d ago

XBL Still has Facebook, Twitter, and X-game chat. Definitely worth $50!


DaTruth3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Please prove that anyone said they hated Netflix when it came to 360 with some links, if you can't, please kindly STFU.

What they said was, it's not a big blow to PS3 because PSN store does the same thing and PS3 has Bluray(which has better quality)! And MS even announced it after PSN movie service.

Stupid 360 fanboys always pull this crap!

Seriously, what is to hate. Most anyone could say is they don't personally like movies.

TheReaper423272d ago

As I can recall, the ps3 already can utilize Netflix with the PS3 browser. This transition just makes it a little smoother. So basically PSN had the blu ray rentals/download/stream on the PSN store and now have Net Flix without needing to use the browser. It's like blockbuster + hollywood video, bigger library of movies.

TotalPS3Fanboy3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

But that's nothing compare to the ultimate crippler on the 360: The RRoD!

I mean, the PS3 and Netflix doesn't even need to do anything. The 360 can cripple itself just fine.

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MrCrabPuss3273d ago

CURSES!!! The 360 is finally done for?!?! I guess the PS3 has "Won". I guess there's no alternative other than for MS to shut down shop for good. The ps3 is just too amazing and its rabid diapered fans are much too powerful in guiding the great Sony's business decisions. I understand MS, you just cant handle getting slammed all the time. The sony kids say you just don't have any good games coming...please say it isn't so...but there might still be a decent game or two coming along...right MS?...But they have sackboy...'Sniff'. Well this is it MS...there's one bullet no its best that you use it. We'll be O.K. We'll miss you dearly.

WildArmed3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

insecure much? stop ranting.

You shouldnt be calling out other rabid diapered fanboys if you know what i mean lol

Father Murder X3273d ago

I don't understand where these articles are coming from but they keep coming. WTF is he talking about??

kornbeaner3273d ago

Basic jest, Netflix on PSN is the same of the nextflix on XBL, but XBL requires a $50 gold membership to take advantage of the service.

So why pay for XBL when PSN is offering roughly the same level of service for free?

trancefreak3273d ago

Yer thats what makes me happy I can utilize it on my ps3 instead of my 360. I dont pay for a gold card and im not sure if you need a gold card watch netflix since I only just play a small hand full of games on the 360.

This is great news for ps3 fans though but also reinforces that xbl isnt all that for the price to get these features.