EA SPORTS MMA to be playable before Strikeforce event

"Electronic Arts is giving journalists a sneak peak at its upcoming mixed martial arts fighter, EA SPORTS MMA, on November 6th at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. According to the invitation sent to members of the press, the game will be made available in playable form for the first time ever."

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tehk1w13639d ago

It sure does, but how can you NOT be excited for seeing Fedor fight again?

jut4203639d ago

I've only seen Fedor fight on youtube (which has been just highlights I've seen but he is the best all around fighter I've ever seen. His striking is phenomenal, his submissions are deadly and can occur at anytime in the fight and it just seems that he fears no one even when severly out-sized. I saw him fight this huge Asian guy with blonde hair. He must have been 7 feet tall and his size never seemed to phase Fedor. The athletisism (sp?) he displayed getting into the two arm submissions was amazing to see because he doesn't look all that athletic. The Asian guy was so big that he held Fedor's whole body mid-air while Fedor had that arm submission on him. So yea....I can't wait to see Fedor fight next week!!! Hopefully he has some good competition. I just wish he would fight Lesnar and shut him up.