The Ten Best Spin-off Games

Troy Bond of TheGameReviews has compiled what he feels is a list of the ten best spin-off games ever made, with entries including Mario Kart, Portal, and The Typing of the Dead.

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Haly3273d ago

Pharaoh's an interesting choice but good call. It was a great game :)

And I loved Typing of the Dead! Such a clever concept.

reintype3273d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics and soon Final Fantasy Versus

Persona Series: a spinoff from SMT

mr durand pierre3273d ago

I don't think Persona is so much of a spinoff as it is a completely separate universe that deals with similar themes. I mean there's no real connection between games beyond the use of many of the same demons and the name. By that standard, every Final Fantasy is a spin-off.

tehk1w13273d ago

Definitely agree with Tactics.

Not sure if it really counts as a spin-off though since technically every Final Fantasy title is a standalone game.

midi3273d ago

Don't agree with Typing of the Dead being on this list. Just because the game knows that it is terrible doesn't stop it actually being terrible. Self-awareness is no justification.

SlamVanderhuge3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Have you ever played it? Typing of the Dead was one of the most quirky, fun and unique titles to hit the Dreamcast, which was a console full of quirky, fun and unique titles. Fantastic game that still holds up. I like it much better than House of the Dead.

tehk1w13273d ago

Typing of the Dead is awesome! It's the only reason why I can type so fast. That and playing Counter-Strike w/ out a mic

themyk3273d ago

god i love portal. fell in love with it the second i started playing it. and it instantly fell into my top five.

themyk3273d ago

thank god for portal.

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