The Real Deal on the Nintendo DSi XL

Pushing Buttons checks in with a non-fanboy, bipartisan look at the new DSi XL:

"The DSi XL is simply the video game equivalent of the 50" plasma next to your current 32" LCD. Some people, myself included, are happy with their 32" TV screens. But others now have a choice whether they want a bigger viewing area (stretching out the image a bit) or a smaller device that retains portability."

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gumgum993367d ago

I think the name DSi XL" sounds better, since it rolls off my toungue more easier than LL. I'm sure many gamers with big hands will appreciate this bigger, badder, better DSi.

gumgum993367d ago

um, yes it is. Don't tell me how to spell.


10bad·der bad·dest slang a : good, great b : tough, mean
— bad·ness noun

El_Colombiano3367d ago

No no no no that's not what I meant. I meant to say that this DS is not badder than the rest, just bigger.

zerocrossing3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

a better camera please u know one that dosent suck so bad it makes your eyes bleed, ok i agree it was a nice gimick better if the camera was good but it dosent justify buying the new ds, also it would be better if they had some propper games to make use of the camera (ex) non casual i would appreciate that Nintendo (sigh) oh well maybe in my dreams.

darthv723367d ago

nobody buys the dsi for the cameras. There is more to it than that. downloadable games, sd card support, official mp3 music support, official web browser support.

Pretty much all the stuff that made the psp. Cameras are just a bonus. Go read the blog about the dsi vs psp go if you want to know more.

fatstarr3367d ago

good newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwssssssssss

if this sells 100k ds2 might have 4.25" screens :D.

El_Colombiano3367d ago

And maybe an HDMI out so that we can connect it to our HDTVs! Seriously that would kill the meaning of "portable".

InLaLaLand3367d ago

oh the irony. That jabroni at Nintendo said what's the reason or what's the point in owning a PSP Go a month ago. I hope that jabroni shines his DS collection real nice, turn it sideways and stick it straight up his candy a$$.

darthv723367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

I think the comparison to being a bigger tv is fitting. As some may like the original size for more portability. The bigger screen version is exactly that. bigger screens. I could have gotten a 50" plasma for roughly $100 more than my 42". I chose the 42 because I liked the price and the picture. 50 was just a little bigger but not my justification for the difference.

So now the question is...will nintendo keep both models or only stick to the LL (XL) for the same price as the current dsi?

SpoonyRedMage3367d ago

Nah, I think it's being positioned as a luxury version. Even down to the Wine Red colour and new Stylus design.

I'd also say it's being positioned at the older crowd. I've heard it referred to as the large print edition and I think it's fitting, it also has a bigger stylus which will be more comfortable for people and it comes with the three DSiware Brain Training games pre-installed. The downside is less portability but for some people it will be the only way they can really use one.

I'm sticking with my normal DSi anyway, it's very easy to carry around with me but I do know quite a few people(both hardcore and casual) that are intrigued by the XL version.

zerocrossing3367d ago

i had no idea about the online store and SD card storage space, i think i may have been a little to quick to judge the dsi, it looks like it may be good competition for the psp and psp go, but still my only real problem with the the ds's in general is the lack of games that i find apealing, i know there are alot of people who realy like the current ds games but i find theyre mostly casual gamers and i find casual games very boring, i cant find many games that i like other than pokemon,castlvania,metroid prime hunters and mario i'll have to check out some more reveiws because my ds has been collecting dust for far to long now, and given what ive just found out i may decide to get a dsi for christmas.

jlh8083365d ago

I like the idea of the XL being the "luxury model" - and you're completely right about the burgundy color. I feel it might sell for around another $30 to boot. Either way, I definitely think this is a trend that's going to continue for some time. The "DS 2" might not be a massive upgrade either, and backwards compatibility is almost a lock.

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