Family Awarded $16m Due to 'Wee For Wii' Water-Drinking Death

The family of a woman who died after taking part in a water-drinking competition has been awarded $16m (£9.7m) in compensation.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3276d ago

Apparently nurses called in to warn the station that this might get dangerous, and the station dismissed it.

I feel for the family, but the lady should have stopped and seeked medical help as soon as she noticed problems. Not saying it is or isn't her fault, since I frankly don't have the details.

ozstar3276d ago

They should have won 32 million.

Frigging idiots at the radio station.

ChickeyCantor3275d ago

Yes cause we can actually put a price on a dead person.
Besides they could never finish that 16million in their life time.
32 seems pointless.