Capcom details RE5 Alternative, Super SFIV sales plans

Capcom issued a supplemental report to yesterday's earnings briefing today, providing a closer look at its sales for the half year gone by and a glimpse at its game plan for the remainder of the year.

The biggest selling Capcom title for the first half of the year was Monster Hunter 3, which managed 1.1 million shipments in Japan alone. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G took second place with 900,000 units, although 500,000 of this was from Japan, with North America contributing 150,000 and Europe 250,000. In yesterday's briefing, the company stated that Monster Hunter's overseas sales were not to expectations.

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sinncross3274d ago

300k for RE5:AE worldwide sounds about right.

Though they can increase that if the PS3' Sphere' sells very well. I take it RE5:AE will be a launch title... seems like a good way to get both items off to a good start.

Even a small price cut wud be a good move.

Blaster_Master3274d ago

PS3's motion-based Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition hits worldwide in Spring 2010, and Capcom plans 300,000 units.

I think the new content, not just the controls for the Alternative Edition is gonna make this game sell 300,000 in America alone. Its gonna be so dope. Cannot wait for the ps wand.

Dellis3274d ago

They need to patch the old version, Capcom needs to realize MILLIONS out there got this game already and they need to patch dildo support for it.

Milky3274d ago

please can we stop saying 'dildo', its just such an old joke.

I am gonna get AE the day it comes out, I didnt buy RE5 but the coop is very good apparently so I will give it a shot.

Saaking3274d ago

What's people's obsession with the "dildo" shape? Just because of the bright ball? Is that all you guys think about or what?

thedisagreefairy3274d ago

a dildo is supposed to be in the shape of a penis right? which the wand clearly isnt in that shape.

u little kids listen to the grown ups talk and think u know how to use their words right...

DLA2K93274d ago

who the hell wants to play RE5 with motion controls? anyone remember Lair?

Blaster_Master3274d ago

Remember it? Its one of my favorite midevil action games of all time. I heart Lair.

The GOAT3274d ago

The RE games work very well with motion controls just look at RE4 for the Wii.

DLA2K93274d ago

Anything on the Wii is automatically trash in my book

itsralf3274d ago

and you're trash in everyone else's book.

InLaLaLand3274d ago

he mostly agrees with DLA2K9. Wow Nintendo are nothing like they were before, they just bring the same game characters and same rehash games. Yeah Zelda IMO is over-rated, just the same old story with Zelda getting kidnapped by Ganon and Link saving her everytime blah, blah, blah. They should bring out new IPs instead of relying on Mario all the time.