Sony's Software Strategy: Shuhei Yoshida Speaks

In 2008, Sony veteran and U.S. studio head Shuhei Yoshida took over Phil Harrison's job as president of Sony's Worldwide Studios. The company had been on top for a number of years, but Yoshida inherited three major uphill battles -- keeping the aging PlayStation 2 afloat, bringing the lagging PlayStation Portable back to life, and injecting the PlayStation 3 with the exclusive games to drive its sales with the crucial core gamer audience flocking to Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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reintype3278d ago

And more games for PS3 and PSP, Hell Yeah!

On another note, what kind of game is Sony Cambridge making? Eight Days? Medievil? or a new IP? either it's going to be good for us.

Ultraplayerxd3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Eight days is being developed by Sony's London Studio but its kinda on hold right now because the London studio is busy with other stuff like
eyepet. The Cambridge studio is working on a psp version of littlebigplanet and an unannounced game.

Yeah I agree more games means good news for us. I'm really excited about how littlebigplanet psp is gonna turn out.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3278d ago

I always bring the bacon and b!tch slap Microsoft and Nintendo with ease.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3278d ago

PLEASE could we have even MORE PAIN in 2010 for the ChatBots and Micro$oft!!! ;-D

xcox3278d ago

bacon xb!tch slapping

Sevir043278d ago

but it seems that resurgence is gonna happen pretty be next year, From japan alone there's, WKS, GT5, TLG, and from third parties, There's Quantum, and Trinity, Ar Tenelico, Trinity Universe, 3-d Dot hero. so thats 8 titles hitting The PS3 from Japanese studio's that are exclusive so they have a huge offering for 2010

krouse933278d ago

Yea I am definitely excited for the New year after reading this article.

zootang3278d ago

Many games from us this year are the first PS3 titles from their developers, like InFamous, Killzone 2, The Last Guardian... well, that one's not out yet.

Does that mean it could be around the corner? God i hope so!

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The story is too old to be commented.