Thesavepoints Review: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Thesavepoints: I haven't played this on the 360 for some odd reason, but I decided to give this mildly enhanced port a try. So because of that, I can't exactly tell the differences from the 360 version. So I'll be talking about the experience itself instead of just the port.

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Xgamerzus3279d ago

Here's the breakdown!
I just almost beat it.

The game is amazing!!!
Graphics are breathtaking although could of been of much higher quality had it been on Bluray originally.
Bosses are Epic Graphics get a 9.
Gameplay tough but so rewarding .
Long game! great artwork.
Overall 9!!!!
Next time make it an Exclusive !!utilize Hard drive, Maximize Bluray, and use the Cell for higher qulaity Polygons world,.
And this game might be a GOW killer or !!