Sony: 'Home is still a top priority'

Sony has moved to reassure fans of PlayStation Home on PS3 that the virtual world remains a "top priority" for the platform holder, despite reports of the contrary.

According to an Edge report, Sony's director of PlayStation Home, Pete Edwards, speaking at the London Games Conference, said: "It's been a long road. We've proved there is a market out there and we've got a lot of people that spend a lot of time in [Home]. It's not a priority right now but there is a business model there."

Sony is now reporting that Edwards was misquoted and misrepresented.

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Lifendz3273d ago

off all those digital clothes purchased. I booted up Home a few nights back and only made it like 5 minutes. The Buzz space is pretty cool. Maybe a Heavy Rain space modeled after that E3 demo where the killer is in the house would be something. Have your avatar investigate the house and try to get out before the killer reaches him.

Home still needs the following:
Pictures on your hdd should be able to be hung up in the game in your apt
Should be able to play music off your hdd in your homespace
same thing with videos. It might be cool to have a virtual sort of movie night in your home space with all your buds there. Have an option to make the video the full screen with a chat box to the right so everyone can talk to one another.

SoapShoes3273d ago

You can hang up pictures in your apartment... If you made it only 5 minutes, I doubt those things you listed would make you interested in Home. You'd go play music and then the novelty would wear off very quickly.

WildArmed3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

the only reason why i visit home once in awihle to check out the new home spaces from ND, Insominiac etc etc/
As I dont really care for the social aspect that MS n Sony have going for. i check out the minigames that they offer, try em n then gtfo to play Demons Souls ^^

Home may not be top priority for Sony alone. But for the Home team, it is. As long as long as they think it is, Home will keep getting updated like crazy. I was surprised to see so many home spaces when i logged in after the 1.30 update. Last time i checked out Home before that was in he closed beta

DERKADER3273d ago

I say give up on Home or do something with it. Right now Home is in limbo3, it's a separate application that has nothing to do with actual gaming. As it stands Home is nothing more than Second Life where Sony tries to micro transaction you to death. I always though home would be a new UI where everything could be accessed from your apartment. But it's just a separate app that takes to long to load or do anything. Game launching in home is kind of a good idea, but whats the point of wasting your time launching Home just to launch a game that takes you out of Home. I had high hopes for Home but after 5min I knew it was just overly elaborate chat rooms with mini games.

scott1823273d ago

Es pictures from tour hard drive can be hung on the wall.

saint_john_paul_ii3273d ago

Perhaps you didnt logged into home for a while. yes, you can now take your pictures from your HDD and hang it in your Apt. but it costs money to do so. possibly about $3-$5.

JsonHenry3273d ago

Installed Home, messed around with for about an hour, then deleted it off of the HDD.

but hey, it is free. So no harm done.

Hutch23553273d ago

And Microsoft is the only company ripping people off huh?

Redempteur3273d ago

Everything is not enough to see what home has to offer .. so i suggest you totry again longer ... that way you won't be misinformed next time

3273d ago
sikbeta3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Is still a top priority because lot of people use that feature and have a lot of potential, but it gonna take some time, as I said before, put mini-games everywhere and HOME will become a really popular

PATthePlague3273d ago

Their top priority should be cross game chat. That should then be linked to pairing up with players u are already playing a game with ingame and teleporting to a home space to do something else like watching a movie. The more sony makes home relevant to the game I'm playing, the more I will have an incentive to visit home. Right now I would rather go to the playstation store. To me home sucks right now. Buzz TV is good though.

Lifendz3273d ago

Disagrees out the azz for asking a question and making suggestions. EXCUSE ME for not knowing they finally added something they talked about what...2 years ago.

I'll check it out. Party at my place!

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there is picture frames you can buy so you can hang pictures in your apt . I swear people are so retarded that they check home for 5 minutes and than come here and post there impression on it .If HOME was a failure the media would have been all over this every day every week every month . there so many freakin content in there thats its ridiculous that only a couple of months ago there was only a freakin fountain . say what you want to say ps3 owners have the freakin option .

we have game launch now
the mini games in there are fun for everyone in just about every room
home maybe stupid for others but for me its freakin funny to me

do i go into home everyday hell no . sony doesn't expect you to go into home everyday . but its place worth checking out .

nix3273d ago

i agree.. if you want to just chill out and meet people and probably play pool/bowling etc... home is a right place.

no point dissing Home after visiting there for only 5 mins.

LeonSKennedy4Life3273d ago

Yeah...Home's getting better.

I just wish we could go from space to space without loading. That's terrible!

JBaby3433273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Some of the mini-games are fun but overall I've never enjoyed it that much or seen the point. My brother loves it for a reason I still don't understand but to each his own.

@Above: I hate the loading screens too.

menoyou3273d ago

Home is garbage. It's just some virtual Barbie doll dress up game. When they took away voice chat, Home sucked big time. Who the heck wants go spend so much time typing stuff out? And for what? Just so you could walk around and buy digital clothes? Pure garbage.

Put back voice chat and then you'll have a real social application.

zootang3273d ago

It's free to use! what's to complain about? if you don't like it don't use it. I have fun playing poker.

Although i agree about the voice chat

menoyou3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

It's free to use because, pretty much, the only thing you can do in it is buy stuff... They aren't doing YOU any favors by making Home free, trust me.

zootang3273d ago

I'm not obligated to buy stuff, lol.

TheTeam063273d ago

"It's free to use because, pretty much, the only thing you can do in it is buy stuff... They aren't doing YOU any favors by making Home free, trust me."

Is that still a reason to complain about it?

And you can also party up with friends, launch any game with them, play mini-games, enter in contests to win actual games (SOCOM and Warhawk, for example) and watch TV shows, exclusive interviews, movie shorts and soon-to-be full length movies and shows at the Theater to name a few things.

Buying isn't the only thing you can do.

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