Uncharted 2: What Insomniac Thinks

VideoGamer knows Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is incredible, and no doubt you do too. But what do Naughty Dog's peers think?

Fellow PS3-exclusive developer Insomniac Games, the US studio behind the Resistance and Ratchet & Clank series, has spoken to at length on the game, revealing what it really thinks about Naughty Dog's effort.

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thedisagreefairy3274d ago

that there unannounced game the have been working on looks amazing, like killzone 2 graphics amazing.

so as long as they keep making great gameplay segways, we are looking at a potential classic game from the insomniac team.

that reminds me...i still need to pick up R&C: a crack in time

artgamer3274d ago

Sevir is the guy with the scoops right ?

He uncovered the first footage of The Last Guardian right ?

So his info is solid ?

pharmd3274d ago

""I'm glad we're friends with those guys, so we can find out how they did it!," Stevenson said. "I'm happy for them. They deserve all the success in the world. The first game was a victim of the PS3's installed base at the time. It did well but it could have reached a much larger audience. This one's getting an audience it deserves.""

well stated insomniac...

kudos to two very respectable devs both getting the appreciation they deserve!!!

thor3274d ago


I don't think it's the same Sev


Hopefully what Naughty Dog has manged to do with the PS3 in terms of Uncharted 2 will spur Insomniac on to make Resistance 3 the best it can be. I really want them to scrap the R2 look and go back to the weapon wheel etc of R1. If they do this they can't really go wrong. What i didn't like about the development of R2 is tht Insomniac stated that there wouldn't be split screen in the campaign because we had co-op online. I'm sorry but surely it should be the fans who dictate what the devs should put it, Insomniac didn't listen and in the words of an Insomniac employee R2 was a failure. I just want them to go back to the old formula, split screen included, from R1.

Freak of Nature3274d ago

I will always look forward to whatever Insomniac and ND have in store for us....

Dream mode on: I wish Insomniac and ND would get together and create a game with Jak & Dax along with Ratchet and Clank,a co-op game made for the heavens using all of thier resources.

All the while still coming out with ND's Uncharted 3 and that new Insomniac IP (hopefully that rumored act/RPG/pltformer)...

sikbeta3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

What everyone is expecting from Insomniac, after all anyone talk crap about his own friends XP

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LordMarius3274d ago

Hopefully Insomniac got inspired, because they need it

mt3274d ago

so inspired = graphics (because we know noting about this game except graphics)

you gamer is failure !

raztad3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )


Your Insomniac bashing needs more inspiration.

In every Insomniac article you come with something negative to say. Find another developer that achieve what Insomniac has done in those 3 years. 4 Retail games + 1 DLC, most of them highly polished products with great visuals.

cmrbe3274d ago

Well they inspired me to get all of their games sofar.

Serious Swagger3274d ago

Insomniac to me are one of the most consistant game developers there is. I dont think i've yet played a game by them which i haven't enjoyed.

sikbeta3274d ago

"Hopefully Insomniac got inspired, because they need it"

Tell me how many Halo games you have and I'll tell you how blindly fanboy you are

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SuperBattleDroid3274d ago

Maybe now Insomniac will actually made a good game.


Christopher_Walken3274d ago

Really? You are really gonna sit there and say that?

mrv3213274d ago

I completely agree with 4... I want all my games to feel the same and that doing anything different should be punished :P /SARCASM

Insomniac are great developers I haven't found a game I dislike.

duplissi3274d ago

i agree with the creepy christopher walken.

sikbeta3274d ago

You have enough Badass power to shut his mouth up

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Ju3274d ago

I'd hope they'll come close to UC2's fidelity with R3 but put KZ2 lightning engine in there (which is still the best out there, yet). Those two combined could be the ultimate game engine.

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