Studio Cambridge "Working On A New Product"

GOONL!NE writes: "Talking to the Official Playstation Magazine, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida revealed that SCE Studio Cambridge have their hands in a new project;

"…But he won't be drawn into discussing new, top secret games, other than letting it slip that 24 developer Studio Cambridge is "working on a new project we haven't announced yet""

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thedisagreefairy3276d ago

that has been making psp games lately?

i know they did medievil back in the ps1 days but i mean recent stuff.

kharma453276d ago

From their Wiki page they've been credited with the following recently (either properly developing it or contributions in soome way)

LittleBigPlanet PSP
Heavenly Sword
Wipeout franchise
PlayStation Home
Killzone 2

thedisagreefairy3276d ago

so they havent developed their own ps3 game yet (besides psn wipeout)

its not going to be easy to guess which platform they are working on for this unannounced game

Sevir043276d ago

all of them, however, the cambrigde studio has helped in providing help and resourses to aid in developing the Wipeout games including the most recent one... However, They are Working on LBP for PSP. and that hits In december this year, after That, they'll be hard at work at something else.

mastiffchild3276d ago

Sony London and Cambridge have beenused very smartly by Sony of late and seem to be a part of the internally produced tech team that goes around helping devs with the NIG sopny releases.

They were doing 8Day and The Getaway PS3 til being sevonded for Home and Eyepet duties in their own offices and some opf their better heads and programmers started travelling to help out at GG and the like.

Whether theyve been assimilated(the top bods from Cambridge and London) ionto that ICE team IDK but there's always a credit to one team or the pother on first and second party games this generation.

As they're also knee deep(the UK departments of Sony) in the seemingly forgotten Eyedentify(which REALLY does have a LOT of the stuff that Natal promises and promised it way earlier so we'll see!)I imagine many of the new motion control projects will fall into their hands at one point or another seeing all they've done with the eye.

Thing is I've also heard that they might well(CAambridge)be working with another Sony studio on a new Syphon Filter gane for PS3(Bend?)using the 8days tech and animation banks-though I've also heard that 8days itself could be back too so ho knows? Hot to remember that Lndon will be doing more than one thing now their Home duties are fewer(weren't they really the ones with the onus on just getting it running?)so it's easily possble that8Days, The Getaway, SF AND another project are on the go in the UK Sony studios, no?

Whatever, I'm sure they like to at least get one of their own games finished rather than being trouble shooters everywhere else or working on more casual apps for PS3, yes? Seems odd that Sony see them fit to help ith everyone else but not to do ful projects of their own esp after the praise NT gave them for their stunning cinematic work on HS IIRC. Liverpool are working on both new M'storm and Wipeout projects with Evolution aren't they? They may have even merged but I can't keep up!

Whatever, I'm interested to see if the finally do end up making a mature game of their own or if Sony have foun them another more quirky project to finish.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3276d ago

Hahahaha eat that sh!t Microshaft fanbots

Cajun Chicken3276d ago

Bring back Sir Dan Fortesque!

mastiffchild3276d ago

Just think what they could do with Medi these days too! Sir Dan could look amazing and they could have allthose gameplay elements they couldn't manage back then too.Some new projects on the lines of a few PSX games would be cool.

stuna13276d ago

This may have something to do with full implementation of the sony wand motion controller and 3d images to a smaller degree but are present in games like Wipeout and Killzone2.

Johnny Cullen3276d ago

Studio Cambride hasn't developed any PS3 games as of yet.

So this is very likely.