God Of War III PSN Demo Voucher Code – Check Your Inbox This Weekend

PlayStation EU Blog: "For those of you who haven't had the chance to play the God of War III demo which was on the show floor at E3, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show and other SCEE events throughout 2009… well… some GREAT news for you:

We will be emailing out some demo voucher codes to a selected number of PAL PSN users who registered to receive the SCEE promotional newsletter."

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Pennywise3275d ago

Europeans get all the good stuff!!! lol

nix3275d ago

darn should have checked "Recieve info about Playstation" box.

nycredude3275d ago

Doesn't matter. I'll be getting it soon with the GOW Collection!! And I won't play teh demo anyway. I will wait for the game as it's a day -1 for me.

TheDudeAbides3275d ago

there many, many things we don't get, believe me

Pennywise3275d ago

I was kidding! You think you guys after reading my posts for over a year, you would know its most likely sarcastic without putting the /s. When will I learn!

The_Count3275d ago

If anyone gets this I will willingly swap my MAG beta code for a GOW 3 one.

BkaY3274d ago

2.6 G WTF.... i have to wait an hour .... it will be the longest hour of my life...

some head ripping here i come.....

i hope each and everyone of GOW fans gets the code....


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LordMarius3275d ago

"And as a special thank you to our Spartan Army members who signed up on, we are sending out a direct email today with one free voucher code to randomly selected fans. So, please make sure you check your email inbox over the weekend to see if you are one of the lucky ones to receive a voucher code allowing you to download this demo instantly from PlayStation Network! Remember, it’s a random selection and only a limited amount of vouchers are being sent out, so good luck."

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3275d ago

TO MUCH STUFF TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P ;-P ;-P

PlayStation X3275d ago

lol same

uncharted, tekken, gow3 demo hopefully this weekend then ratchet n clank next week mw2 week after ac2 after that xD

too good being a ps3 owner

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I'm still on 'Uncharted 2' Story mode tho ;-D + After that i'll do some Online 'Uncharted 2' games + Got 'WipeOut:HD Fury' today to(Blu-ray) + Got 'R&C:ACiT' coming next week + Got to play the 2nd 'R&C:ACiT' Demo soon. Loved the 1st Clank Demo;) + Got to play more of the 'MAG' Beta to ;-P + If i get this 'God of War 3' Demo at weekend i might die of Exhaustion... ;-D
+ The Non-PS3 Exclusives - 'MW2' + 'AC2' + 'Tekken 6' if i want to buy them to...
The PlayStation Brand is the BEST;)

radzy3275d ago

its either a competition , or check your inbox to see if you had a gold willy wonka ticket or tell us in 3 lines why you deserve it or sign up with Qore and you can download the demo or how big is your c....k , etc.....

just release the damn demo for everyone.
on the psn network , i miss out on a lot of demo's and shiit .

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