Halo Waypoint: Hands On (ResumePlay)

ResumePlay Writes: Halo Waypoint was announced as being a one stop shop for all things Halo. Well today Microsoft made Waypoint available to users who are in the early preview of the new Dashboard update. Click the jump for our hands on!

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ezcex3328d ago

This is meh for me, but if you are really into HALO, I think it would be great for you.

On a side note, I think MS really only has HALO to push because it seems to me that they are really pushing for the HALO fan base and going this far to incorporate it into the dashboard. Just my thoughts.

4Sh0w3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

"This is meh for me"

Yeah OK, thanks for sharing but obviously you are not the target of this portion of the update= ITS FOR DIEHARD HALO FANS, which as we can see there are a helluva lot of them who play Halo stuff all the time, on that note this is a great idea and your comment makes no sense, since microsoft is pushing Halo not because thats the only thing they have but because its the most popular brand on the 360, you do know Forza3 just dropped its pretty amazing, I think the GTA dlc is out, and L4D2 is just a week or two away, online is pretty busy right now and when I get off work tonight, I'll be putting a few more hours into Forza, I really haven't touched Halo in awhile but either way not pushing Halo would be foolish on microsofts part, its like saying the iphone is the only thing apple has going for them, no but its perhaps their most popular product right now.

MrFoobs3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Did you even read his comment? He said it'd be great if you're in to Halo..
Over all, I think this is a great idea. But it's also, in my opinion, just 'meh'. I like Halo, and I like what this does, but I have a PC right next to my 360 so I can go to Bungie's website any time. The thought of MS maybe doing this for every 360 exclusive, is what makes this a great idea, for one game, it's 'meh'.

4Sh0w3328d ago

Yes MrFoobs and thats why I reiterated that its for diehard Halo fans, theres a hint of sarcasm in my comment while also including the use of his name(krazzie) but mainly I thought his comment was ridiculous because Halo Waypoint is a good idea in the sense that further promoting/catering to a successful product is what any smart business should do, that however in no way means its the only thing you have.

IdleLeeSiuLung3328d ago

Not only do you get a lot of ODST DLC, but another way to access Halo content. Looking forward to trying this out!

The haters should just troll in the open zone!

The Lazy One3328d ago


I'm glad they're finally getting some decent ones. That, I think, is the biggest selling point for avatars.

I want the ODST armor... wantit...

Chubear3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Just got to play ODST recently and all I can do is shake my head at the gaming community.

What the hell is the difference btw ODST and Haze? Haze is almost exactly like ODST but in a different skin. I know the 360 base will balk cause they haven't played Haze themselves but all you have to do is go on youtube and watch gameplay walkthroughs of both games and you tell me, how the hell Haze can be considered as a 4type FPS while ODST is a 9?

I'm sorry but I feel MS has just been riding the Halo name main off the backs of gamer who don't know any better and it's a sad sad thing. Yes, thumb me down to eternity all you want, this isn't meant to be some "fanboy" rant. Just go YOUR OWN SELF and look at gameplay walkthroughs on both games and you tell me why Haze's Single player is significantly less quality than ODST. Unless you just feel cause a game is more pew pew pew than ratta tat tat, that automatically means it's uber.

They have similar gameplay pacing, similar graphics (seeing as Haze came out last year), they have similar voice acting, similar animations, similar vehicular gameplay (aside from air bourne vehicles in ODST) and their storylines aren't that far apart in delivery.

Plase, prove me wrong and do screen shot comparisons or better yet video comparisons and you school me on how ODST is a vastly superior product to Haze. Anyone who says Haze was an aweful game but praises Halo is totally full of horse doodoo. Please, I beg you, prove me wrong and show me some vids.

IdleLeeSiuLung3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I guess to you, KZ2 and Haze must also be the same then, eh (apart from the upgraded graphics)?

4Sh0w3328d ago

Why would anyone take their time to even attempt to "prove" something to you?

Look at your post history, its like a Republican asking a Democrat to show "proof" to him that his health plan will work.

I think Halo is a great game, I've played them all but its far from the best game ever imo, but why should that matter to Halo diehard fans what you or I think, they are playing Halo3 and ODST in large numbers everyday, so what that should "prove" to anybody thats interested is that Halo fans think its great stuff.

Chubear3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Hey, I can easily show you that Killzone2 is better than Haze. I can easily show anyone that Resistance2 is better than Hour of Victory. If you can't easily show that ODST is a better gaming experience to Haze then you know why.

I won't continue cause this might go into a slippery slop for this zone but all I can say is, no one in their right minds can look at gameplay walkthroughs for ODST and think it's far superior to HAZE. You just go ahead, youtube is accessible to all. Go look for yourself.

Type in ODST walkthrough and Haze Walkthrough and you compare with your own eyes.

Yes people enjoy halo ODST. This is not about liking or not liking ODST. It's about standards of reviewing. Despite Haze's lackluster reviews, it still has gamers playing it online so this isn't about who likes what necessarily but rather about this bold faced double standards we have with FPSs centered around halo.

ODST and Haze are both decent games (you can see my review of Haze if you's like) but what makes ODST considered more than a decent game and what makes Haze considered less than a decent game. This why I've asked and would like to be schooled on. When you play or look at vids for both games in their entirety, What make a review site give ODST a 9 but Haze a 4 or 5 when they are essentially very similar? I just want to be educated so please, break it down for me and if you can show me so I can see with my own eyes. That's all I'm stating. I'm a gamer and I want to learn.

4Sh0w3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

My point is it would be a waiste of time attempting to "break down" the differences and pro's and con's of both, you already believe they are "similiar" which if you took the time to read just a small sample of the reviews could at least understand WHY Halo is genrally accepted as the better game, but of course its CONVENIENT for someone who thinks like you do to believe theres some sort of conspiracy behind all the great scores.

I wonder if you will answer this question; You say you are a gamer, I believe you are a gamer but you are clearly one of the most biased gamers on this site, I say that because when I read a particularly good post or occasionally really negative post that I dont agree with, I generally read past comments from members to try to get a "feel" of his thought process, its just how Iam, so my question is given that you are extremely positive about ps3 and extremely negative about 360 why would a person who's looking to have a fair conversation about a very successful 360 game attempt to prove anything good or better to you about this game vs a ps3 game?

Listen the truth is if you read not just look at the scores you will get a pretty good idea why the two games are different, if all that info doesnt convince you obviously your mind is already made up, why would any fan diehard or casual like me be able to convince you otherwise.

I know I may be digging a little to deep into the psychology of this site but its a fair question, you probably will never answer but really why should anyone take you seriously?

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