IGN previews Manhunt 2 Wii, new images included

Consider for one moment that in Manhunt 2 you can, Wii remote and nunchuk in hands, use a pair of pliers to clamp onto an enemy's testicles and literally tear them from his body in a bloody display; and if that weren't enough, you'll take one of the poor victim's vertebrae along with his manhood. Or, if you'd prefer, you can use a saw blade and cut upward into a foe's groin and buttocks, motioning forward and backward with the Wii remote as you go. But believe it or not, there is much more to Manhunt 2 than mutilation and mayhem. This is a game that begins with the subject of psychosis.

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Dr Pepper4749d ago

I can only imagine Jack Thompson's expression when the game is finally released.

derb2k24749d ago

hehe i agree! but man after I read that I almost peed my pants! sounds so sweet!! Can't wait for this!

Robotz Rule4749d ago

GTA IV,Halo 3 and now Manhunt 2,Jack Thompson is going to have a MAJOR STROKE!

Not a bad thing though.....hehe:)

Manhunt 2 sounds awesome!

Hope it's better than the original!

freeza4749d ago

hhmm i will get ps2 version

MK_Red4749d ago

Its still disappointing that they didn't make a next gen Manhunt for PS3/Xbox360. While the violent kills will feel fresh on Wii, true graphic hardware with blood and gore like Gears Of War but Manhunt style would have been a killer.

ITR4749d ago

It's a numbers game.
Over 7 million Wii's sold..probably around 8 million by the time MH2 ships.
Around 40 million PS2's sold.
Over 20 million PSP's sold.

Why no 360 or PS3 ver?
Smaller audience and more expensive to develop for. = less cash for Take Two

Why the PS2, Wii, and PSP?
Bigger audience and cheaper to develop for. = more cash for Take Two

PS360WII4749d ago

oh yeah. Manhunt 2 and real next gen Wii Remote feel of stealth kills and ugly deaths(I added that line for you MK^^). Should be a brutal time. In the words of Jigsaw 'oh yes there will be blood'

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