PS3: NBA 08 First Look

Sony Computer Entertainment showcased its newest basketball game, NBA 08, on PlayStation 3 at Sony's Gamer's Day event in San Diego. The assistant producer of the game, Bob Stait, gave SportsGamer a hands-on walkthrough of some of the features of the new game. While still early in development, the game shows major signs of improvement for this go-round.

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THWIP4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

...because they're an embarrassment to the console. How can a dev with nearly unlimited resources,and the ultimate access to the inner workings of the new hardware....continue to churn out such mediocre crap???

I've been seeing the ads for MLB '08 The Show, and it looks worse than anything EA has put out, this generation...and they've always been multiplatform. :o

sonarus4576d ago

While Nba 07 sucks it still shines in some areas better than nba live 07. MLB the show may have looked like crap to you but not to me infact it is the highest rated baseball game on next gen consoles

Maddens Raiders4576d ago

that's about the most absurd thing I've ever heard.

-- "How can a dev with nearly unlimited resources,and the ultimate access to the inner workings of the new hardware....continue to churn out such mediocre crap???" --
speak for the Gates camp 'cause NBA '07 is better than I thought it would be...[seriously doubt you've played it] and MLB the Show looks great.

Now, I didn't read anything in the article about this game including some kind of NBA presence in the way of quality announcers -- [any announcers are needed!lol]. If they don't include an announcer on '08 I won't be getting it, so that point goes to you if you will.


AkUmAzRaGe lRl4576d ago

WoW look at the power of the cell at its best.These screens definitely makes me want to go buy a ps3.

power of Green 4576d ago

He said he's proud of the level of detail in the charector models. Looks a bit DreamCast-ish to be boasting anything about this game visually.

AkUmAzRaGe lRl4576d ago

just playing, this game looks like crap.... sorry sony fanboys but you know its true :)

MySwordIsHeavenly4576d ago

The screens look bad...but if they've improved from NBA 07, it's still gonna be the best-looking NBA game out there...

VirtualGamer4576d ago

While I agree the screen shots in the article are horrid the game does not look like that. Check out the game in motion and its far better graphically then the screen shots would indicate.

Another thing to consider is gameplay and both IGN and Gamespot seemed to have some nice things to say about this version of the game. Be interesting to see what the final verdict is once the game is released.

popup4576d ago

heh, I see what you mean about the NBA shots. Either way they all look real compared to what used to be considered real...

Robotz Rule4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Here's a couple next-gen baseball games review's:

MLB 2K7(PS3)


MLB 2K6(360)


MLB 2K7(360)


And now look at MLB 07:The Show(PS3)


There you have it.

And NBA 07(PS3)


I gotta agree that game was HORRIBLE from gameplay to bugs,but 1080 graphics were a MAJOR plus!

But hopefully they will get it together next year and fix and add everything that made the PS2 versions so good.(mostly gameplay)

And check out last years NBA Live 2007 for the Xbox 360 review:


And look at the screenshots!

Absolutely awful for a next-gen basketball game!

So inconclusion MLB 07:The Show is the highest rated "next-gen baseball game and series"

And Live has ALWAYS been a terrible basketball series compared to the almighty king of all sports games:2K!


Are you serious?

2K has been outselling/outsold NBA live for the past two years!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.