Top 10 Scary Video Games

Loot Ninja writes:

With Halloween coming this weekend for most of us in the US of A, we all need a little help getting in the ghoulish spirit. And no, don't break out and read your shitty Goosebumps books. I know you have them. And it's okay. I've got them too.

You probably have already decorated the front yard with skeletons, jack-o-lanterns on the porch, and spooky music playing from a hidden karaoke machine. These all set the stage for a great spook filled holiday weekend. Oh, and the candy. I can't forget to mention all of the that candy; pounds of luscious chocolatey bite-sized goodness.

Do you need help getting into the spooky spirit? Do you happen to be that douchebag that hands out coupons, ketchup packets, or toothpaste samples for treats? Well guess what kiddies, I am here to help you get ready for Halloween. How am I going to do that? Video games. It's what I know, and it's what you are hear to read about.

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fiercescuba3274d ago

i never found goosebumps to be that scary. i wonder if the hardy boys were gay.

Darkstorn3274d ago

Call of Cthlhu made one of my friends literally sh*t his pants. It was the part where that family locks the mother in the attic and you have to go kill her, but then you see her head pop up through the bars and she has a screwed up face. Terrifying.

McCullster3274d ago

Goosebumps were never scary, just interesting twists for middle school kids age 10 to 14. It usually consisted of "oh man my teacher is an alien!" or "My cat is a reborn human man!"

I consider R.L. Stine to be the M. Night Shamalan of his time. What a TWIST!

McCullster3274d ago

If you watch South Park, the Hardy Boys ARE gay.

"Ewwww I found a CLUE!"
"Oh yeah, I want to get my hands on that clue!"

stone8253274d ago

Fear 2 and Doom 3 are much higher on my list. I didn't find Bioshock or Left 4 Dead that scary.

Oldsnake0073274d ago

Resident Evil got owned by Dead Space.

Darkstorn3274d ago

Play some older games, man.

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The story is too old to be commented.