Free Game With Wii

Toys'R'Us in Australia are now taking pre-orders for the Wii at US$249, and that will include an unspecified free game! Could Nintendo be including Wii Sports as so many have speculated?

Sphinx6493d ago

they come out with a pink Wii... that way I can buy it for my wife, and she'll actually think I got it for her! Moohaha!!!

Marriot VP6493d ago (Edited 6493d ago )

I told you all the price would be 250 because of the many accessories their including and guess what. Two sources now say it'll be 250, so there.

Also when the 360 price drops, which it will but you can't announce such things, the difference between a Wii and a Premium will be pretty small I think. The reason they'll deny the drop is because they don't want people to stop buying 360's and wait until christmas or whenever.

BIadestarX6493d ago

I think nintendo's reason to not be as powerful as the PS3 and the XBox 360 it's not worth $50 less than the 360. Nintendo always want to make 2 times what they spend making a console.

kingboy6493d ago

To hell with this console

Sphinx6493d ago

you don't have to like it or want it... but I believe it is backwards compatible with the Game Cube, which has a few cool games on it... and it can download, NES and SNES games!

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Switch Sports Will Never Live Up To Wii Sports

The Switch just isn't equipped for a killer sports title like the Wii was

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H9798d ago

A lot of the points made here are true, yet let's give it a chance, because like the author said, the Wii was a motion control console and everyone did view it as such while the switch is not, so the way people view the game determines how much they invested in it, so again let's give it a chance and see

Ratty798d ago

Wii sports was truly atrocious and you're saying Switch Sports will be even worse? It does not bode well for Switch Sports indeed.

Fntastic798d ago

Wii Sports was ok for screwing around, but the games lacked depth. Also I'm not sure why it seems like they decided to stick with the automatic player movement so all you need to do is swing to hit something. Very noob friendly but not as much fun IMO.

CrimsonWing69798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

Wii Sports was THE game for casuals. I don’t feel many casuals own the Switch. I can’t see this doing the numbers Wii Sports did.

Einhander1971798d ago

Course it won't, the Wii was a phenomenon. Something new with the motion tech. A curiosity to almost everyone. Obviously Switch sports won't create the same impact.

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Here's Why Wii Sports Needs To Come To the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo could be sitting on a gold mine with a past favorite.

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Relientk77829d ago

Because we all miss accidentally throwing our Wiimotes at the TV, so let's throw some Joy-Cons.

Neonridr829d ago

VR is the same way, wrist straps for a reason.

Neonridr829d ago

I loved the golf from Wii Sports Resort.

Cuzizkool828d ago

I was always confused by Nintendo’s decision to kill the franchise. “Super” stayed with Mario titles even after the Super Nintendo. They can still use the Wii name. Hell it’s been so long that releasing a new one, or even an HD remaster, will tap into that nostalgia market.

DazaMc828d ago

Super Mario launched on the NES not the Super NES.

septemberindecember828d ago

Super was never because of the Super Nintendo. Super Mario Bros launched on the NES. The Super is because it's an indirect sequel to Mario Bros.

They can just call it Nintendo Sports or something, but using the Wii name would be a bit confusing.

Bigman4k828d ago

Yeah i agree but i don't think Nintendo will be bringing wii sports to the Nintendo Switch samething goes for diddykong racing

shadowT1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Missing Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS5 in this list. Love this game!

Orchard1138d ago

They probably didn't include it (and a bunch of others) because of their criteria for "lasting influence on the industry".

SMMM is a good game, but it doesn't stand out enough to have THAT huge of an impact on the industry as a whole - especially when compared to games like Mario, Halo & Tetris.

Sonic-and-Crash1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

i would also add Sonic and Crash (pun intended lol) ...Sonic 1 on MD is a all time classic game that helped MegaDrive to separate itself and explode in sales... also Crash Bandicoot ...while not exactly a launch was pretty close to launch for PS1 (in Europe was almost a launch game as PS1 released later here) and trademarked the start of PS era