DJ Hero is just expensive

It seems that DJ Hero continues to be unable to catch a break. While lower than expected sales have already been projected by analysts, those that have purchased it are already complaining that the pricing of the downloadable content that was just released is also expensive. As we had already told you, the price of DJ Hero was already said to have impacted the initial sales and pre-ordering of the product.

The news can't be good for Activision who is trying to pump up DJ Hero to get sales moving in the right direction. Having a product that has not even been out that long that is already getting a reputation of being expensive can't be good for the long-term survival of the franchise.

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ChozenWoan3275d ago

For the love of money, Activision is shooting itself in the foot... which could prove fatal due to them keeping their foot in their mouth. Hopefully the board of directors will wake up and toss Bobby Krotch into the streets.

I'm a MW2 Objector. I am not going to buy, rent, or even pirate this game. I refuse to support the disdain for gamers that this company is promoting in the gaming industry. Thus I will take my business elsewhere to support development studios and publishers who are more dedicated to the enjoyment of making games, as well as making games that gamers want. Regardless of if you stand with me, or I stand alone, I will continue to stand up for Gamers everywhere. This is my vow.