AMD exec says NVIDIA neglecting gamers

AMD's senior manager of developer relations, Richard Huddy, told HEXUS it looks to him as if NVIDIA is "somewhat abandoning the gaming market."

Huddy spoke to HEXUS about NVIDIA's recent GTC event, where focus lay squarely on supercomputing and GPGPU computing for academic purposes, a 180 degree flip from the previous year's Nvision event, which was focused on gamers.

"It's not like our only focus is on gaming, but it appears NVIDIA is in a kind of sneering mode towards game players at the moment," Huddy told us, adding that in his opinion, it was quite possible to diversify focus, without abandoning gamers and the gaming market.

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darkmurder3277d ago

I spose that's why AMD aren't releasing drivers for DX9 cards on Windows 7 then.... if that's not neglecting then I don't know what is.