Halo Waypoint Beta launches for NNXE previewers, features Avatar Awards

Early this morning Microsoft finally released the beta version of Halo Waypoint, the new content and community hub for the popular series, onto Xbox LIVE for the fall 2009 system update preview program members. If that wasn't enough, you can now score unique Avatar Awards as well.

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Jamie_C_UK3277d ago

oh look another HALO. I doubt this is the last we will hear of HALO.

Talk about all your eggs in one basket!

3277d ago
NarFan3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

what are you talking about, Halo Waypoint is not a game

peeps3277d ago

you gotta feel sorry for these people, especially when they don't even need to view the source to know that it's "the new content and community hub for the popular series"

but hey it's N4G :|

kevinx10003277d ago

it's not a game, it's some information about halo on XBL.

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Jamie_C_UK3277d ago

@NarFan. I didnt say it was a game did I. Just more stuff with HALO in the title.

ThaOutKast3277d ago

Another thing with resistance in the title
*Looks at*

Dude4203277d ago

Sry dude, but we all know you're objective is to yell out how milked the franchise is.

It's a community service buddy. This is an example of how developers really support their fans.

militant073277d ago

i got free odst armor for avatar and other cool sutffs from halo waypoint :)