GameSpot: Torchlight Review

Along with being one of the best action RPGs to hit the PC in many moons, Torchlight is selling for just $19.95, and it comes with absurdly undemanding system requirements along with a netbook mode so that you can play it on just about any system. So not only do you get a great game, but you get a great deal in every respect. Stop reading and start playing.

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Baliw3278d ago

then this is a must have.

Great game.

hay3278d ago

Yeah, got it recently. This game is worth every penny for hns fans. It has nice visuals, incredible soundtrack and it's very Diablo-like with some nice touches and improvements.

As mentioned, doesn't do much new, but id does what it should very well. Highly recommended.

VoggNogg3278d ago

Isn't the multiplayer coming in very soon as well??

Cosquae3277d ago

In about 2 years there's the MMO version of this game comming out, until then single player only.

It's a great game, Diablo gameplay meets Freerealms graphics basically.

A good way for me to get my rpg fix before DA:Origins gets here.

JsonHenry3277d ago

I am salivating while waiting for DA:O on the 3rd.

adsaidler3277d ago

i finished this game yesterday, and yes, its awesome. i stopped playing resident evil 5 and the last remnant once i got torchlight :) can't wait for the MMO!

Perjoss3277d ago

Unbelievable that this was made by a small team, crazy good art style and extreme polish, puts most full price games to shame. Has to be played on hard or very hard though, easy and normal pose no challenge at all.

Relientk773277d ago

I love Diablo 2 and probably going to get this