The Daily Grind: Do You Use PlayStation Home?

Now here's an odd question that could only be thought up at 8 in the morning. If you own a PS3, are you an avid user of PlayStation Home, or do you avoid the console's virtual world like the plague?

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DS363279d ago

plus starting trouble is fun !

UnSelf3279d ago

lol i laugh cuz i really dont. and everytime i click the home icon by mistake when tryna go into the PS store i curse outloud lol.

one day ill day

vhero3278d ago

I'm the same I used to use it till HOME actually but its so god damn boring its just a giant virtual chat room like virtual life or something similar. I stopped playing though around the time they had the cheek to start charging for everything and still had the cheek to call it BETA.


once or twice a week to see whats the happening in the virtual world . plus the rooms are trip out .

nix3278d ago

yup.. i've spent hours playing bowling/pool there. i was there when Xi happened. i've made most of my friends from Home. yeah.. i confess, after Xi, i didn't have much to pull me aside from the Uncharted 2 space. i went there just to check it out.

Home is a good community space... if you wanna make friends with like minded people, it's one of the best options.

klonki3278d ago

I would use home allot more if it was more things to do, and i have not got the Opportunity to use frames, videos and music in my apartment. The progress for those options it to slow.

Written by a Guy From Norway

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