Videos of Flatout: Ultimate Carnage's preview

Xboxyde reports:
"Empire Interactive sent us the preview build of Flatout Ultimate Carnage, and as a racing game fan I had to play and record it immediately. I don't think a lot of people will complain about the graphics, as you'll all be able to see in these first two videos. For what was supposed to be just a port, it sure looks good!"

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nice_cuppa5175d ago

looks like burnout should look.

anything after burnout 2 was down hill !

oh yeah !

God of Gaming5175d ago

Looking great... can not wait!

alsef075175d ago

omg I WANT THIS GAME...I cant stand racing simulators...arcade racers are way more fun, like this game looks great!! Its like burnout with better graphics!!!!!when does it come out?

TnS5175d ago

Europe: June 22, 2007

FCOLitsjustagame5175d ago

It does look good but I dont think I can justify another racer. Already have NFSMW, PRG3, TDU will get Forza and Dirt and PGR4 and Burnout 5 and the last burnout when its on sale. And I am not even a big racing game fan. So unless everyone says this is the best game eva I will probably skip it.

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