Insomniac: Framerate Is "Not On The Same Pedestal It Was Before"

Developer Insomniac Games has said how Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time will "probably be" the studios last 60 fps videogame, noting that "graphics should win" out.

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PirateThom3276d ago

They are right.

After the Crack demo, how many people complained about the (still great) graphics but ignored the framerate?

Most people can't see framerate when it's 30-60 (as long as it doesn't drop), but everyone can see OMFG T3H GRAPHX.

Johnny Rotten3276d ago

that's the beauty and art of video games, no matter how you look at it it's all "smoke and mirrors" ummm unless your milo and really live inside peoples tv that

What works for one game doesn't mean it works (or even needed) for another, it's all about finding that special balance between story, graphics, and gameplay!

Mr Tretton3276d ago

I love a strong, high framerate. Hopefully next gen everything will be at 60 FPS. I doubt it.

Sevir043276d ago

But the only time taht really becomse a problem is if the frame rate is NOT SOLID, i.e, Bayonetta on the PS3 verses on the 360... the 360's is Locked and the PS3's is just 60 that drops from time to time.. that messes up the game. if you have a Good trade. Now other games like Call of Duty, Do sub HD resolustions since the engine is multiplat, and have a locked 60fps and then have the console upscale to HD resolutions so it takes no hit on the engine, this produces great results, but I'd settle for the fact that at a LOCKED 30fps, LIKE Bioshock, Resistance, R2, uncharted 2, KZ2, if I can get amazing Visuals like What we have in the Top of the line games like that... U2 is the greatest testiment to that and so is KZ2.. those games are locked at 30fps and are BUTTERy SILK SMOOTH. Insomniac's Resistance 2 was compared viciously about it's graphics in some oarts as underwhelming... So to fix that. all there games from now on will Look even Better by scrificing 60 frames and just making sure the experience is smooth at 30 locked fps, we can start to cry if the game dips and chugs like orange box. I'll go with 720p 30fps and Mindlowing graphics on a scale of KZ2 or U2 over great graphics at 60fps (which people complain about.

for action games like DMC and bayonetta and GOW, and racing games... thats a must, but i gotta laugh because MOTORSTORM, and MS:Pacific Rift also looked amazing and ran at 30fps and they were incredibly fast arcade racing games... so, give these guys a break, you all just want something to b!tch at.

INSOMNIAC is Incredibly efficient at what they do...

Now show the rest of the world the game I saw just the game i saw just a week ago. ^^