Fermi lifelike rendered images spotted

You have to love Chinese PR for all its lakes and this time, the good chaps from Pczilla have leaked some images that are supposedly rendered on Fermi.

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Bereaver3276d ago

Ray tracing! Finally!

I'm not sure about you guys, but I've been waiting for ray tracing for a while.

There's one thing I'm afraid of when it comes to ray tracing though... I'm afraid the next gen consoles will try to put it in.... and this might be a little bit more expensive then the last gen :(.

Anyway, ray tracing rocks!

ChozenWoan3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

If the PS4 comes with 3 cells and one of either the ATI 5800s or Nvidia Fermi cards, we could have realtime raytracing @ 60fps in 1080p resolution. That would mean every game could look like a Hollywood blockbuster animated film, being just short of true realism. While the graphics will have leaped over the uncanny valley, I it will take major animation and physic improvements as well to fully reproduce real life images...
but we'd certainly be a lot closer to that goal. ;)

As for the price of the consoles, it will all depend on when their specs are set in stone. If this gen truly lives up to it's 10 year cycle, then we should expect the next gen to begin around 2014-15. By that time these cards will be about 5 years old and should be easily affordable enough to put into consoles without jacking up the price. by then the cell used in the PS3 should be using 32-24nms and should be relatively cheap. Also, Blu-Ray will be the standard (with over 200GB discs) and thus cheap as well as capable to carry the vast texture info needed for such realistic raytracing scenes.

Can't wait to see if this truly is what gen 8 has waiting for us.