VideoGamer: Top 5 Revolutionary Games

Game industry legend Peter Molyneux revealed his top five revolutionary games last week at BAFTA's Annual Video Games Lecture. The brains behind Fable picked Dune 2, Mario 64, Tomb Raider, Halo and World of Warcraft - all wonderful choices indeed. Inspired by Molyneux's illustrious list, VideoGamer racked their brains and came up with their very own top five revolutionary games list.

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prejur3274d ago

No FPS = fail

Wolfenstein 3d belongs on this list instead of Wipeout

rockleex3274d ago

Than Peter Molyneux's list.

I fully agree with their number one pick. The most revolutionary game ever.

Most games this generation don't even have as much interaction with the environments and surroundings as the number one pick.

Although I'd like to think Uncharted 2 took that number one pick to another level. About time. ^_^

DigitalAnalog3274d ago

Zelda, Alone in the dark, Prince of Persia, Doom..

I cannot imagine the future of games without these franchises..