Uncharted 2 DLC?

Naughty Dog just posted a new picture on their twitter, can this be a hint for uncharted 2 DLC? You Decide

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playstation1233276d ago

Yay my first story, hope it gets submitted.

WildArmed3276d ago

Not sure how this got approved thou lol
Its not really linked to an article..

Anywayz, I believe they said something about buying the skin on the Multiplayer.. I may be wrong.
They jsut said hop on and play a multiplayer match to find out.
So its more like free halloween dlc

ThanatosDMC3276d ago

I want more co-op missions.

Darkstorn3276d ago

Looks like some Halloween-themed skins for Uncharted 2. A new horror-themed map perhaps?

kharma453276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

This is just part of the Halloween weekend that was covered by PS Blog -

It's not DLC. The DLC is not due until near the end of the year and will include "new maps, new characters, things like that ... some of it will be free of charge and some of it will be purchasable."

I could well end up looking like a tit here by saying this, but I think it'll just be introduced for this weekend somehow and never be seen again after.

EDIT - From reading around too it seems that as of now everyone can only play as Skelzors for the heroes and Undead Explorer for the villians.

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LarVanian3276d ago

This is probably going to be some sort of Halloween theme.
But speaking of future DLC I would love to see characters from Drake's Fortune such as Navarro, Roman and Raja become skins available on PSN. I swear I would be floored if ND released both Jak and Daxter as skins too.

WildArmed3276d ago

jak n dex.. OMG.. in HD.. + amaing amount of polygons on each custome..
I'll be extremely happy. ofc that could mean next jak n dex will be on the ps3 ^_^

TheDudeAbides3276d ago

there was a Navarro skin giveaway some time ago, i got one and forgot about it, ha, gonna dl now :).

playstation1233276d ago

True But in a post in the playstation forums, they said jak was too short something like that, I dont have the link for it. Ill try and look for it.

Hapimeses3276d ago

I'm pretty sure that's just a bunch of chaps in the Skelzor skin. Still, awesome for Halloween. :D

rdgneoz33276d ago

Yah, its people running around as Skelzor the skeleton in a map that came with the game. If people actually play the single player part of the game, there are a ton of other multiplayer skins to unlock. You just need to reach that rank to be able to buy and use it.

jjesso19933276d ago

just bought uncharted 2 and got eyepet as gift my lucky day

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