The Wii bubble has burst

Analysis: Inevitably, and for many reasons, the Wii bubble has finally burst. In the half year to the end of September sales were down by 40% compared with the year before. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has no option but to admit: "Wii has stalled" he even admitted that the price drop has failed to arrest the decline.

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ZoidsRaven3276d ago

And here they come. Who you might ask? You'll see in just a bit.

Homicide3276d ago

^He's talking about the "hardcore gamers" or Wii haters.

Erm....the fad is over!

crazy250003276d ago

I like Nintendo games, but I want to play games in HD so if I dont like the Wii, doesnt mean im a hater.

Nihilism3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

i find it amusing that people post "wii is dying" articles when it is the only profitable also happens to be the best selling, funny that.


'the king' is leaking money like a mistress with your credit card to keep quiet. When the wii 2 comes out next year as with the xbox 720 i hope your still proud of your there won't be a ps4 for quite some time.

Saaking3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The King has returned to take it's throne.

Sony for the win!

ABizzel13276d ago

Everyone keeps talking about how much the Wii has dropped and that the fad is finally over, but the truth is that the Wii is still outselling the PS3 and 360. If you're going to talk about something be real.

ZoidsRaven3276d ago

Lets get started.

@Homicide: "Hardcore gamers" = Wii haters? Ok, so I guess the sales from the double ported Resident Evil 4 DOESN'T prove "hardcore gamers" are not "Wii haters"..... Yeah.
Fad? Over? is 3-4 years a fad too you? Lol, someone needs to look up what a fad is.
Plus the Wii is still leading when it comes to sales, so........ Yeah.

@SaaKing: "King"? Have you any idea how much money Sony is losing just by selling consoles? (and yes, it's that bad)
At this point, Sony would be better off bank robbing.

NOTE: I don't like the fact that Sony is losing money anymore than you do, but just stop closing eyes to it. It's true.

@crazy: Then developers can't take more chances with their games on the Wii (like "Factor 5" on the ps3). The cost for devs to make games on HD consoles, can kill their busines.

ReviewsArePolitics3276d ago

Lol @ wii apologists. Lol @ some tard pretending to know when 720 comes out and when wii HD comes out.

HolyOrangeCows3276d ago

I almost forgot; we play business.
There haven't been any games on the Wii lately so I guess being a stock holder is the next best thing?

And BTW, have you any idea that "Sony =/= its Playstation division"?

Fierce Musashi3276d ago

No games lately? Dead Space Exstraction, Muramasa, Metroid Prime Trilogy just came out not too long ago. Not to even mention what's coming next later on like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Red Steel 2, Resident Evil: DC, Sin and Punishment 2, etc. Trust me, threre are way more.

And I think he knows that it was their gaming division. That's what people usually mean when they say "Sony" & "Microsoft" in gaming related things.

HolyOrangeCows3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I meant GOOD games.

And I stress, "Average =/= Good"

Fierce Musashi3276d ago

Then that's merely your opinion, but nevertheless, those are good games.

gaffyh3276d ago

Oh no Bruce has gone on to bashing Nintendo after 3 years (and continued) of Sony bashing.

The XBOT3276d ago

There is no king, there are many kings, each ruling its country, no use being loyal to one as other countries have different food and women. Dont tell me you dont eat asian food cause you dont like the chinese, or you dont eat indian food cause you think indians are thick, each culture has its distinctive points. Same thing goes for consoles. You will always get something with one console that you wont get with the other.

Pekka3276d ago

MS has already confirmed several times that Natal is releasing for current 360, not for next generation console. They are only making new SKU for Natal (I've heard about 360+) but there won't be 720 next year and not even in 2011. MS has lost over 6 billion dollars with XBox brand so far (original XBox alone costed them more than 4 billion) so I doubt they hurry with next console this time. And there probably won't be Wii 2 next year either but it is at least remotely possible.

sikbeta3276d ago

I'm having a nice post conversation with a N fan in other article in this site and he is posting all the time the loss of Sony in the financial report, so If I was an angry mad fanboy I'll post this article in the next comment but I'm mature enough to not do it... or maybe... XP XD

About the article:

Even if the wii bubble burst long time before, the only thing N lose is consumers, because every wii is sold at profit, so we can think about N being in a bad position only in the Next Gen, now they still making profit

Even if the hardcore fanbase always support N, you can't count with casuals forever, this affect in the long term, so the next N console will not be as popular as the wii and we'll probably see a console that compete for gamers like the GC did last gen

GAMERS do THAT casual don't lol



Maybe some of you guys have a memory problem but back to before PS3 Slim was released there was this article in N4G where Sony themselves said PS3 has been profitable product for a year... I don't see the money leak.

Even Sony, the entire company, is almost back to out of red, which is more than what most Japanese (and some American) big companies can say after the crisis... And Japan didn't subsidise it's companis and industries out of the hole as Obama did (not criticizing or cheering for eigher, just stating the different strategies implicated).

I know you guys are just too blind to see beyond the console being sold at a loss, but it was also that way with PS2 in the start and every time the price was cut (it took some time for the manufactoring costs fell to the new price), all in namo of selling more consoles, so they can win where it matters: software sales (that's where the money comes from). Consoles aren't suppose to be sold with profit, just enough to cover costs if possible (Wii was the exception here, not the 'money leaking' PS3).

Homicide3276d ago

LOL! Calm down dude. The fad thing was a joke. My favorite game this gen is Super Mario Galaxy; it's better than any PS360 I've played.

NickIni3275d ago

"When the wii 2 comes out next year as with the xbox 720 i hope your still proud of your there won't be a ps4 for quite some time."

Microsoft have said multiple times they're not releasing the Xbox 720 for some time yet. And why would they? The 360 is still selling, natal hasn't been released, this gen can still be pushed in terms of sales and what the hardware is capable of.

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Sprudling3276d ago

It took longer that I thought.

Seferoth753276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Yeah the fastest selling console of all time is in trouble. Still beating the sale of the PS2 and we all know how poorly its sales were over all....

Things must be pretty rough at Nintendo right now... How will they ever get back in to first place with sales above the other console and a 25 million console lead......

Many years to come.. Yet you think one month is all the proof needed that the end is near.. Kinda ironic.

Sprudling3276d ago

The tide has just started to turn, and there are many years until the finish line.

Nihilism3276d ago


it's a good thing there are so many years ahead, sony's gonna need them to make up for all the money they've lost...

ReviewsArePolitics3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Except PS2 was consistent. Wii is going down in it's 3rd year, PS2 was going up. Are you pretending to imply the wii will last as much, sell as much and have as many great games as PS2? LULZ


The wii IS going down, see the sales drop? Not like I care about Wii/PS3/360 sales or profits, I would care about Wii's line-up but it's not that good, I'm only interested in Zelda and Mario games, which doesn't compare to the amount of franchises available on the PS2 that I cared about; even the gamecube was more satisfying ; this is not just the way I feel, but the way many gamers feel about Nintendo right now. It's hilarious when people compare the Wii to the PS2 when the PS2 had everyone in every gamer demographic/segment satisfied, not just those that and a few fanboys.

Nintendo is making a profit, sure, but it's not really "Nintendo's PS2" that every Nintendo fanboy (like seferoth) wants it to be. The sales and the (lack of) games show it. (Not saying Wii has no games, just that it doesn't compare to the PS2)

ZoidsRaven3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The Wii is only going "down" if the next Wii is called "Wii-2", not "Wii-HD".

With that logic, I can say the PS3/360 ended when the PS3 Slim/360 Elite came out...

See how that works?

EDIT: @Above:

No my friend, it's your opinion.
If you want to turn a blind eye towards good games on the Wii (like muramasa, punch out, etc), that's not really Nintendo's fault.

Sef = fanboy? No, he is just bashing trollers who find their way to the Wii section.

That's all.

Sarcasm3276d ago

"If you want to turn a blind eye towards good games on the Wii (like muramasa, punch out, etc)"

There are good games on the Wii, but they aren't anything to die for. There's nothing on the Wii that says "OMG, you absolutely have to play this! Buy the system if you have to!!!"

Both the 360 and PS3 has had a few of those titles, more notably Gears of War 1 at it's time and Uncharted 2 for PS3. I can name others but the point is pretty clear already.

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crazy250003276d ago

because if both Nintendo and their business partners dont see it going as what they're expecting, then the company will have problems.

President of Nintendo is speaking from a business perspective, not as if sales arent going as expected, than they see it as a problem.

People need to quit looking at this from a purely sales numbers and comparing it to other products..

akashifire3276d ago

Yeah, lol.

Iwata has high expectations so he's pretty disappointed by the decline in sales. That's not to say that Nintendo lost in any way, it's just they're disappointed they're not doing as well.

RockmanII73276d ago

I really hope the 360 or PS3 pass up the Wii. Wii wins --> Casual Gamers win --> Hardcore gamers loose. We = Hardcore gamers.

crazy250003276d ago

I mean look at the iPhone with its popularity. Now there are PSP mini its good for the companies involved, but I wouldnt enjoy this.

I play simple games on my iPhone if im on a bus ride, but wouldnt ever want to be stuck with these games on consoles.

Seferoth753276d ago

Just curious. What games has the Wii caused you to miss out on? Your reasoning just sounds stupid. Chances are you are probably just a main stream casual gamer who only plays the latest "hardcore" shooter while passing over the real hardcore games that rely on challenge rather than art direction and blood.

Nihilism3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

If you think all the "AAA" games coming out are 'hardcore' then you have no idea what your talking about, they are as mainstream as it gets, a game like marasuma is a 'hardcore' title, gears and gow are more casual than titles like that. But if it makes you feel better telling yourself you're hardcore, then i'll let you have it

ReviewsArePolitics3276d ago

Dead space, Heavy rain, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Borderlands, GTAIV, Mirror's Edge, Uncharted, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War, Gran Turismo, Motorstorm, Saint's Row, Ghost Recon, Elder Scrolls, etcetera are not your traditional mindless FPS like Halo/Gears/Modern Warfare/Killzone/Resistance and you can't play any of the games I just mentioned on Wii, just the left-overs like the Dead Space Spin-off which is ANOTHER on-rails shooter on Wii, how original, or Dead Rising Wii, a failed attempt at porting a next-gen game (obviously the Wii can't handle very complex gameplay, so it's not just about graphics anymore).

Wii has Mario/Zelda/Metroid, but it takes years for every Mario/Zelda/Metroid game to come out. Again, these are just 3 franchises compared to a sh1tload of franchises that don't come out on Wii. I find it amusing that Wii fanboys bring RE4 to the conversation when RE5 is NOT on Wii.

Not all Wii games are casual, but they usually fail to impress.

Smacktard3276d ago

Smart people go with PC + Wii. That way they can enjoy almost all of the games in your list, and great Wii exclusives. The addition of a PS3 would also be fantastic, but... I just can't figure out why anyone would want a 360. Halo 3? Halo Recon? Fable 2? I can't think of anything else... and none of those games really interest me.

N4g_null3275d ago

[email protected]

You listed a whole bunch of games that are better on the pc. On top of this the ps3 exclusives are lame and only impress people that have never been hardcore enough to play their "adult" games on a pc.

I find it funny res evil is brought up also yet I remember every one hating the one that can out on your system and if you don't combine both hd systems sales of resevil5 you will see that the wii makebeat those sales because it just played better.

Only a newb would like halo or killzone they both play a lot like doom3 boring. Oh duck and shot pew pew.... Yeah then on top of that every one designs for spammers now. Fps on hd systems are a joke right now.

Take that list and look back at it in a few weeks and then look at your local used games wall.

What is funny is a real hardcore gamer knows what other real hardcore gamers are playing.

Red steel 2 is going to be a beast.
Nmh2 is going to rock also
tvsc of course...
nsmb wii taking it back to the real hardcore Mario games!
Metroid m
crystal bearers

You see only a real hardcore gamer would love these games because they offer game play and real challenge.
Most of the games in your list will be beaten within a day while wii games you actualy have to be good.

Like try conduit right now. It is almost at a quake 3 like skill level which means if they see you then your dead. There is no lame junk talking either just skill. You guys would understand that because you guys are fan boys not even close to being hardcore.

ChickeyCantor3275d ago

"We = Hardcore gamers. "

Aaah a super-duper-insecure-moment !!!

NickIni3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

"Only a newb would like halo or killzone they both play a lot like doom3 boring."

Right. So I'm a "newb" for finding a game entertaining? Which after all, is the main purpose of playing a game.

Go outside, get some fresh air. You need it.

EDIT: @disagrees. Wow, I guess games aren't meant to be entertaining then.

RockmanII73275d ago

I consider Casual gamers to be people who play rarely. EX. Wii owners and PS3 owners who buy blueray movies and the occasional/rare game.

I consider Core gamers people who play 4-5 days out of the week (for 1-3 hours per sitting). EX Halo, U2, GoW, GeoW, ect.

I consider Hardcore gamers people who play daily for as many hours as possible, follow their favorite games via online, and know what is worth the money before anyone else. EX Any Game.

- You can be a Hardcore Wii gamer, but it is harder to be one than to be a Hardcore PS360 gamer.

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