Pocket Gamer: Garters & Ghouls iPhone review

Garters & Ghouls marries dark humour with the non-stop action of a twin-stick shooter, yet the elastic band on the bride's belt isn't as tight as it needs to be. Aiming issues and slightly slow pacing keep this macabre adventure from enjoying too long a honeymoon.

As the not-so-dead Marie Dupois, you're commissioned to battle a cult of demons and monsters called the Thrum. After rising from the graveyard, Marie's mission to find her captured husband takes you to a hair-raising carnival and perturbed university for a more than two dozen levels of gory action.

You start off with a simple crossbow and an unlimited supply of arrows, though bonus weapons dropped by dispatched enemies grant more firepower. The steam-powered machine gun, for example, makes Swiss cheese of monsters thanks to its high rate of fire.

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