New Final Fantasy XIII Music Revealed, Including Chocobo Theme

Square Enix have updated the official Final Fantasy XIII website with four brand new music clips, including the updated Chocobo theme. Ah, how I've missed that tune!

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Julie3277d ago

Hmm i like it but i like more the old ones:

This one is way too different , anyone knows if we can ride chocobos in FFXIII? or it will be just an airship called Chocobo? :(

I miss my chocobo mambo from ffv , it gave me the lulz :3

Grimm103275d ago

I like this a lot!

Same kinda style as the FFX theme but better. No where near as boring as the FFXII theme thankfully. That sounded like something you would hear at an opera.

Here are two more songs.

Piano/Violin version of the battle theme, I think this is also Lightnings main theme. (1.20-1.50 is so awesome)

Shortened version of the normal battle music

Noctis Aftermath3275d ago

These aren't bad, but i do enjoy previous music better(X and earlier only)

Pozzle3275d ago

It's great to hear the Chocobo theme song again. It's been a while since we've heard that.

I wonder if this means there will be a Chocobo mini game?

djaparatic3275d ago

I must say I am impressed with these music. The coolest thing that catches the ear is rhythm. I missed that a LOT in xii ...
and the one thing that makes me insanely nostalgic is these triplets that Nobuo used A LOT in FF7. - listen to at 0:34 .

its obvious Masashi really dived into FFMUSIC universe and researched it. Because this music really resembles on traditional ffmusic and new values.

second thing its quality is superb.

and a third thing and the most important is the atmosphere these music brings. With just listening to it it gives you the feeling -'this is it'.
Honestly I thought it would su*k because we heard only one theme that was obviously nobuos work and I thought it will be clean japan pop bull. but it didnt turn that way. and Im surprised.
Very nice and pleasing for my ears. Seems like this will be the soundtrack which we would be able to listen after a long time.